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This humble blog was started to document our travels around the country during the summer of 2006, We have opted to continue updating it due to the requests from family & friends. Enjoy!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Walking on Sunshine

July 17, 2019



Walking on Sunshine

The final few days of our visit to Massachusetts were pretty low key, we spent most of our days lounging on the beautiful beach at Humarock Beach. There is a section of the beach that is private and reserved for residents of the Sea Rivers Club where Kathy’s father lives. It is an amazingly beautiful stretch of beach that is wide, sandy and beautiful and our time spent there is always wonderful.


The beach itself is characterized by the presence of innumerable roughly fist-sized, smooth, flattened rocks along the shoreline and it is part of the three mile long peninsula of Humarock that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and on the other by the South River (which runs long the marshy property where Jim lives). It is a beautiful beach and popular with both tourists and locals.

Kathy and I were joined by her brother Chris and sister Julie at the beach and we relaxed, swam and Chris even did a little surf fishing while we were there. The weather was about perfect and the water was very cool by Key West standards, but very refreshing and enjoyable and it was a pretty much perfect summer beach day.

Our final evening in Marshfield, we joined Kathy’s cousin Alex and his wife Alison for dinner in Scituate Harbor at the Galley restaurant. It was a wonderful evening hanging out and catching up with them and I am sure they enjoyed spending an evening free with Kathy’s Aunt Kathy babysitting for their ten month old son Pete. 

Michael, Alison, Kathy and Alex 

I had to fly back to Key West from Boston and so was not able to drive back with Kathy and our dog Jack. Kathy actually stayed a few days extra in Marshfield before taking the better part of a week, driving back to Key West down the East coast. She took a long route and stopped numerous times along the way home to visit friends along the way.


I thus had about a week in Key West, with my only responsibility to keep our cats alive until Kathy got back. I treated it as a vacation of my own and pretty much spent a lot of time hanging out alone, relaxing, playing with the cats, taking long naps and such. 


Ryan, Caitlin and Samara

Effie and Cale

Kate, Effie and Amanda

I had a few evenings out, going to the movies and hanging out with a few friends. Also there was a huge birthday celebration at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park beach for our friend Greta and her husband Tom, who celebrate their birthdays only a couple of days apart. It was a great gathering of friends that featured a plethora of delightful food and drinks as is always the case when these folks get together. The weather was again pretty much perfect, sunny and warm yet just about perfect under the shade of the Australian Pines that form the landscape of the park.


Ryan, Samara and Caitlin