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This humble blog was started to document our travels around the country during the summer of 2006, We have opted to continue updating it due to the requests from family & friends. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays



December 25, 2008


The last few days before the holidays are always a hectic mess, but with lots of last minute running around as well as even more fun holiday parties and events. The primary mission for us at least, is the preparation for our annual Christmas Eve open house which includes preparing the house, getting all the food ordered and making sure all our holiday lights are in proper working order. In between the preparation we had a couple of wonderful holiday get-togethers to attend.

Photobucket Melissa, Jim & Liz

Photobucket Greg, Liz, Fiona & Kathy


The first was a holiday party at the home of our friend Greg Elliott. Greg lives in Key Haven and each year the Key West Fire Department brings Santa Claus though the neighborhood atop a fire engine. It made for a happy addition to an already great holiday party. There was a huge crowd of friends and plenty of food and libations.


Photobucket Melissa, Liz & Tracy

Photobucket Sheila & Rob

The next evening, we joined a large group of 30 friends, led by our friends Nancy and Mark in their annual Holiday lights bike tour. We met first at their home for some delicious White Russians before heading out in a huge posse to visit the many Key West homes that go above and beyond in putting up holiday lights and decorations.
It was beautiful evening with perfect weather and we made it all over new town where most of the most impressive light decorations are located. It was tremendously enjoyable and we hope to add that to our ever increasing list of holiday traditions.

Photobucket Coffee- The calmest dog on the island.

Photobucket Jenny & Ashley


We wrapped up the evening by dropping in on yet another holiday party, this one at home of our new across the street neighbors, Ann & Dan. The party doubled as a holiday/ housewarming celebration as they just moved from Big Pine Key. It was fun to be at a gathering where we knew basically none of the people there. Many people might find that intimidating but for Kathy & I, it is just an opportunity to meet exciting new people.



Photobucket Jenny & Arlo

The rest of the week has been spent getting everything ready for our own party. Our third holiday open house. Once again we will be joined by Kathy’s Aunt Kathy & Uncle Al who are visiting for the holidays from Scituate, Massachusetts. Their visit provides us a taste of family since we have opted not to travel over the holidays for the past few years.

Photobucket Dan & Ann

Photobucket Tom

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Kathy!

Happy Birthday Kathy!

Photobucket Kathy, Eithne & Elaine


December 22, 2008


In the midst of all the holiday hoopla, we had to find time to celebrate Kathy’s birthday. Having a birthday during the holidays is a mixed blessing as there are so many distractions that the birthday celebration can get lost in the shuffle. On the other hand there are countless parties and events that make a holiday birthday feel like a month long festive celebration. We seem to have a lot of family and friends who have December birthdays which only adds to the festive nature of the month.

Photobucket Steve

One of those friends, Steve King, celebrated his birthday by exhibiting his wonderful new clock creations at this month’s Walk on White. We went down on Thursday evening to see his work and to visit the galleries and studios along White Street. The crowds are building as the tourist season starts to kick in and the snowbirds flock to the island.

Photobucket Walk on White


Photobucket Brodey & Tara

For Kathy’s birthday itself, we decided upon something completely different, the Holiday Spectacular performance by Key West Burlesque. In the time that Key West Burlesque has been in existence, we had not been to a show despite having heard many great things about the show. The Holiday show featured some special appearances by some of our friends, so we decided it was about time we went.

Photobucket * Photo by Key West Burlesque

Held upstairs at Kelly’s Caribbean restaurant, the show was a sold out , standing room only extravaganza that was a really fun and entertaining evening featuring a bevy of talented performers. Following in the Burlesque tradition, the show was sexy without being raunchy and it had the crowd in a frenzy with funny and well choreographed routines. No photography is allowed during the performance, but I have included a link to their website where you can see photos and video of past performances to get an idea of the show. It’s one of those events best appreciated in person and I would recommend you check out one of the upcoming regularly scheduled performances which will be starting up in January.


Photobucket Santa, Naughty Elf & Beth

The finale of the show featured a big production of Santa Claus performing an “Oh My” strip tease that had the audience either shuddering or laughing hysterically or both. It was quite the show-stopper and capped off a great night of entertainment.

Photobucket Suzanne Campbell at Finnegan's Wake

Photobucket Dennis, Eithne & Elaine

Of course the night didn’t end there, being Kathy’s birthday we headed out to Finnegan’s Wake to see a wonderful comeback performance by Suzanne Campbell. Suzanne had been sidelined due to illness and a huge crowd of friends, fans and well-wishers welcomed her return to the stage. It was a fun way to ring in Kathy’s birthday.

Photobucket Happy Birthday Kathy.

Key West Burlesque site