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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Kid Could Paint That

February 28, 2010

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My Kid Could Paint That


A few years ago a documentary film came out that followed the remarkable true story of a 4 year painter, Marla Olmstead, who became a sensation in the art world when her abstract paintings started selling in galleries for tens of thousands of dollars. The story touched on all sorts of questions about the nature of art, parental influence on children and celebrity. It made for a fascinating story, one that I was reminded of when the Key West Preschool Co-op hosted their annual Kid’s Art Show.



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Thankfully none of the issues raised in the film were relevant to the art show. In fact the art created by the students at the co-op was as wonderful as it was pure. Certainly some of it looked as if it could appear in a real gallery, while some of it looked as if was created by 2-4 year old kids, and the best part was it didn’t matter at all. The entire event was wonderful as parents, students, teachers and plenty of guests from the community all joined in celebrating the amazing selection of kid art.

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The event featured an amazing array of food prepared by the parents, entertainment in the form of music by Josh Lowe and a great silent auction featuring art donated by the generous artistic community in Key West and beyond. There was also a great crowd, many friends from the community came out to support the co-op and joined the parents and grandparents who came out as well.

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The students have been working for months creating all sorts of cool art projects, all the classes created work and each classroom hosted art from their students. All the student work was for sale for a minimal fee and all the funds raised will be used to benefit the co-op.

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Photobucket Teachers: Jamie, Kathy, Deb, Betsy & Alison

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I have attended hundreds of gallery openings and art shows, but none have been as enjoyable as this one. Seeing the joy that the kids have in both creating and sharing their artwork with others was wonderful. It was a great success.


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The same evening as the art show, there was another event that was close to my heart. The Friends of the Key West Library was holding their largest fundraising event of the year, a gala featuring a lecture by the famed cultural historian, David Garrard Lowe and music by Key West favorite Bobby Nesbitt on the life and work of the musical genius of Rogers and Hart. The gala was held at The Studios of Key West and was full of local supporters of the library.

Photobucket David Garrard Lowe & Bobby Nesbitt

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After the musical lecture, there was a wonderful reception with desserts and prosecco and we spent time mingling with the crowd and celebrating a wonderful evening. Not content to let the evening end there, Kathy & I headed out to the Green Parrot, where the amazing blues guitarist Ana Popovic.

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Ana Popovic website

My Kid Could Paint That