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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

If only we were amongst friends... or sane persons!

February 15, 2019



If only we were amongst friends... or sane persons!

Our friend Beth always has amazing parties to celebrate her birthday, Generally they involve a cool theme that encourages attendees to dress up in some sort of theme related costume and become part of the fun. Kathy and I were thrilled to once again be on the invite list for this year’s extravaganza which was organized with a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” theme.

It was a theme that I was immediately thrilled by as I spent much of my crazy youth attending midnight screenings almost every weekend at the old Castleton Square General Cinema in Indianapolis. I attended the film there at least 150 times, possibly as many as double that number as often we would go twice a weekend back in the day. It was just something we did, I knew all the lines and my timing was perfect, though I rarely dressed up as many of my friends did.

Jim and Olga 

I did not dress up this time either, though Kathy did a pretty awesome job of dressing as Janet from the floor show scene at the end of the film. The party was awesome, in addition to showing the film both inside the living room and out on the rooftop deck, Beth hosted a meatloaf contest, asking guests to bring a meatloaf (or side dish). The meatloaves were then entered into a taste contest with awards given to the top three entries.

Bonnie and Kathy

There were a nice variety of tasty meatloaves and plenty of food and drinks available for the assembled mass on hand to celebrate Beth’s birthday. Beth and her friends went all out in decorating and providing all the necessary props to watch the movie. They even built a cool tunnel for everyone to enter the party through that was complete with a cool fog machine.

The fog machine caused a moment of chaos when someone mistook the clouds of rising fog with smoke and called the fire department which showed up in abundance all at once at one point, with a couple of trucks an ambulance and fully geared up fireman rushing in to quell the “fire”. Thankfully they were good natured about the misunderstanding and did not hang around long.

I was really surprised at how many of those present had never even seen the movie, even those who showed up fully in costume, looking remarkably like characters from a film they had never seen. Of course there were a lot on hand who had seen the film and a lot who dressed up, including my favorites who dressed as Riff and Magenta as funeral home staff from the brief early scene at the film’s beginning in Denton. 

It was a really fun evening, but not the only thing we did this weekend as Kathy and I also took an evening to attend the Keys Kids production of “Mary Poppins Jr.” that was held at the Key West High School auditorium, which is a short walk from our house. We have been attending these kids plays for years and almost always there are some of our friends children participating.


This show was no different as our next door neighbors (Amy and Andrew)’s son,  Conor was in the show and we had plenty of other friends involved. It was a fundraiser for the wonderful Bahama Village Music Program, not that it would have mattered as we really enjoy supporting kid's theater. This show was not one of our favorites, but it was still a ton of fun and we had a great time. Looking forward to the next production and want to say congrats to all involved for such a cool venture.