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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Chris and Livi

January 15, 2017

Chris and Livi

It is always a fun time when two people that you really like and care about come together to exchange marital vows. Kathy and I are always thrilled to be included in our friend’s special moments and there are not many moments more special than a marriage. It is especially fun when the friends are two of the most fun and interesting people we know and when they hold their wedding in a beautiful destination such as New Orleans.

With seemingly half of Key West in attendance, Chris and Livi exchanged their vows at a beautiful location in New Orleans called Race and Religion, named after the two streets that intersect where the stunning property is located. The officiant was none other than the wonderful, funny and talented Landon Bradbury. It made for a funny, beautiful and still moving ceremony.

I have known Chris for the better part of twenty years, when he was just an ambitious young somewhat dorky yet talented man who worked in places such as Wax and the Mosquito Coast Wine bar. He was constantly in to some new creative and wacky ventures everything from making movies to writing books. He has always been the kind of person who fun seems to follow and he has developed a wide range of fun loving friends and followers as he has ascended into being something of a Key West business mogul.

Now owning portions of some of Key West’s best and most successful businesses including the Porch, 2 Cents, Waterfront Brewery, and the newly opened Mary Ellen’s bar, Chris has turned his drive into a string of successes without compromising his sense of fun and silliness. He has thrown some of the best parties in Key West during the past decade and his own wedding was one to top them all.

I met Livi when she first started working as a bartender at the Porch and her infectious constant good mood and loving personality was a perfect fit for Chris. A former performer with the New York City Ballet, Livi is a bundle of good natured happiness with a near constant smile. Beautiful, fun, smart and funny, she is also a great person to call a friend and is loyal, kind and has a habit of lifting the spirits of everyone who enters her vicinity.

The wedding service was wonderful and it was just a real joy to see just how happy the pair were together. The weather was beautiful, the setting perfect and everyone had an incredible time. The reception was just about what you would expect from this pair and their wonderful and wacky family and friends- meaning it was one of the best parties you could ever imagine.

Excellent food and beverages, the incredible Jevne working the tables as their DJ and even a full-fledged official New Orleans second line march with the newlyweds leading the parade. It was truly something special. The best part about it was how many of our friends from Key West were in attendance, it was like much of Key West took a vacation together for an amazing party in New Orleans