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This humble blog was started to document our travels around the country during the summer of 2006, We have opted to continue updating it due to the requests from family & friends. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008




Photobucket Eileen, Kathy, Paula & Carla

December 11, 2008

Photobucket Rich & Penny

Holiday fun has seemed to take over our lives as we have continued to be so busy with events, parties, holiday decorating and the like that we have hardly had a moment to slow down. Difficult economic times may dampen the holiday spirits of some, but on the other hand, I think that there is a hidden silver lining in that maybe the focus this holiday season won’t be so much on stuff, but more about what is truly important, family and friends.

Photobucket Michael & Dr. Mayfield

We are blessed to have a wonderful family and many, many incredible friends and I find the difficulty in the season is trying to slow down enough to appreciate them and hold onto memories as they rush past us in our daily lives.

Photobucket Marlo & Jodie

This past weekend was one of the highlights of the Key West holiday season, at least in my opinion, the annual Holiday parade. The parade demonstrates every year what a joyous and close knit community that we have here, as many community groups, social organizations, churches and local businesses come together and create floats to entertain the throngs that line the parade route.

Photobucket Kelsey & Lisa


This year, we were invited to the home of George & Carla Bellenger for a pre-parade party. It was great, especially to see all the excited kids who were there. Being with friends and watching happy kids is really what the holidays are all about and we had a great time. The parade actually came up way to fast and we had to rush down to our pre-selected parade watching spot, near Sam Holland’s Conch House guest house, which hosts another wonderful parade watching party each year.


Photobucket The Conch House

Photobucket Tara & Carol

We watched the parade, making sure to select a spot near the cutest kids possible, since float riders rain candy down upon kids throughout the parade. Having long arms, a wide berth and a crafty disposition, I am able to snag plenty, which sadly Kathy makes me turn over to the nearest adorable child.

Photobucket Eric, Betsy, Rosie & Annie

The party at the Conch house brings out a tremendous amount of locals and it is great to see everyone. Afterwards not wanting the fun to end, we joined our friends Bill, Nancy, Mark, Haven & Elena at the Bottlecap Lounge for a nightcap. A great evening all around.

Photobucket Dani & Emma

Photobucket Katie & Abby


The next day, we spent the day at the beach helping celebrate some birthdays of yet more precocious children, this time from Kathy’s preschool. Twins Katie & Abby were turning four and little Zoe was turning three and it was one big, fun combined birthday at the beach. Thanks to Kathy’s job, we get invited to many such events and it is always fun to watch kids playing together and having fun. We get all the enjoyment without the work of raising kids. I marvel at how the parents do it. I get worn out after a few hours just watching kids.

Photobucket James

Photobucket Francois, Tara & Zoe

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sexy Santa Bailout Party

December 5, 2008

Photobucket Melissa, Rick & Jill

Photobucket Bruce & Michael


Sexy Santa Bailout Party

Photobucket The Package Stimulator

Of the many functions that Kathy & I attend during the holiday season, one of the most eclectic, crazy, and fun parties of the year is the annual birthday party of our creative and wacky friend Rick Keith. This year's theme was a topical holiday/financial crisis themed Sexy Santa Bailout Party. Held aboard the beautiful and intriguing houseboat where he lives with co-builder and roommate Steve King.

Photobucket Suzy Jo, Dude & Kerry

Photobucket Bethany & Kathy

These guys are the creative and industrious boat builders who are responsible for our Fantasy Fest float each year as well as our one of a kind bathroom that we added to our home a couple of years ago.

Photobucket Steve & Srea

Photobucket Carol, Johnny, Rick & Tara

Rick's party was extra special this year thanks to the presence of two of our close friends who have returned to their former home for a vacation from their Colorado home. Bruce & Kerry Darby are here from Estes Park and it was like a throwback party with them in attendance.

Photobucket Andy & Bruce

Photobucket Beth & Kerry

In fact the fact that Bruce & Kerry were in town seemed to bring out all the old time Key Westers to the party and we saw a lot of folks we rarely see out anymore. It was tremendous fun. Rick (& friends) created a most interesting machine, The Package Stimulator, which caused quite a sensation as partygoers took their chances getting stimulated hilarious fashion.

Photobucket Michael on the package stimulator

Photobucket Steve

Photobucket Kathy, Carla & Tara

Of course, it made for a late night, as well as having the requisite hangover inducing plethora of beer and mixed drinks. It was all worth it though- for the opportunity to celebrate with Rick and all his (and our) wonderful and eclectic friends and the chance to hang out once again with the Darbys in Key West. We make an annual pilgrimage to see them each August in Estes Park where we attend the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest and dine at the wonderful restaurant that they own, The Rock Inn.


Photobucket Carla & George

Photobucket Elenora

The holiday season isn't about to let up soon and we have a crazy schedule throughout the weekend and beyond. I'll try my best to keep the blog updated.