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This humble blog was started to document our travels around the country during the summer of 2006, We have opted to continue updating it due to the requests from family & friends. Enjoy!

Friday, February 15, 2019


February 7, 2019

Morgan and Marky


Graffy and Eileen


Key West is a wonderful, wacky and immensely creative place and as such it draws some of the most fascinating, talented, fun and artistic types to our wonderful island community.  So when two of the most pivotal and influential creative geniuses united in matrimony, we just knew that it was going to be one of the social events of this or any season and we were certainly not disappointed when our friends Morgan and Marky were married..



David and Heather May

Kathy and I had known each of them separately well before they ever got together and each was a key component of the cultural and artistic renaissance that Key West has been experiencing for the past decade or so. Perhaps it was inevitable that two such amazing people and friends would end up together and we could not be happier for them. 

Nan and Mark


We did not attend the wedding itself, it was a more private affair held at the Audubon House and Gardens and there was no way that a couple as immensely popular and well-known in town could have possibly accommodated the throngs that they might have invited. We were happy and fortunate to be invited to their reception which was held at General Horseplay and was one of the more magnificent parties in recent memory.


Marky is a co-owner of the bar and he and Morgan went all out to see that the wonderful crowd of friends, family and revelers had an amazing time celebrating their happiness. It wasn’t the amazing food, libations, entertainment, dancing etc. that made it such a monumental experience, but the people who were in attendance. The incredible cross-section of our wonderful island community was on full display with the wonderful crowd of family and friends who were on hand.

Marky and Morgan seem to know everybody and there were so many of our friends on hand, it was just a special feeling. Not only that, but certainly due to the kind of people that they are, their friends and family all seemed as equally as charming and interesting as they are and everyone meshed so well that it was tough to know that we all had not been lifelong friends. That is a truly rare and special experience at most weddings, where people tend to stick around those they already know.

Layla and Livi 

As incredible as their wedding party was, it wasn’t even the only awesome party we attended that same evening. In fact earlier, we had the opportunity to go to our friend Graf’s birthday shindig where he had come up with a creative, brilliant and fun way to celebrate, by hosting a cupcake competition. He invited guests to bring at least six cupcakes, be they savory or sweet to compete for the title of the best cupcake. 


What a freaking genius way to ensure that the party would have an incredible variety of wonderfully delicious cupcakes in addition to the already sumptuous variety of food and drinks already on hand. It worked like a charm as guests each brought a selection of delightful cupcake creations. Kathy created a yummy caramel/ snicker filled cupcake to go along with the dazzling assortment that others showed up with.

We had to sadly depart for the other awesome party, so we were not able to stay and see who won the cupcake awards, though in my mind everyone was a winner as we all got to partake in a yummy cupcake feast. We are just so happy to have such amazing friends and to live in such a special community where creativity is celebrated. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

No Place Like Home

February 6, 2019

Carter, Michael and Erik


John Fullbright


No Place Like Home

Kathy and I have had the good fortune to attend a myriad of amazing music festivals around the country including Coachella, New Orleans Jazz Fest, Lollapalooza, Folks Fest, the ACL Festival, Gasparilla Music Festival, Green River Music Festival, Rib America Festival, the Innings Festival, Langerado Music Festival, Mag Fest, and more, so call it a big surprise when one of the best organized and most enjoyable music festivals turns out to be held in our own back yard, right here in Key West. The amazing Mile 0 festival, in only its second year of existence has shot to the top on our list of quality festival experiences.


Jaime Lin Wilson 

Setbacks which might have crippled other festivals such as the cancelation of the headliner, The Turnpike Troubadors at the very last minute, were handled in stride and the other acts stepped it up so well that it barely registered a blip as far as the execution and enjoyment of the festival were concerned. In fact it seemed that the family-like atmosphere became more a celebration of who was here and concern for that band rather than anger over not getting to see them.

John Fullbright

In fact it is the family-like connection between the acts, the fans, the organizers and even the local community who is on hand to assist that really creates the special feeling that lifts the festival over and above the many other amazing festivals that we have attended. They don’t have the best line-up, they certainly don’t have the faux-cool vibe that others strive for and other festivals excel at different things like food, amenities and such, but Mile 0 makes up for that in heart and soul.


Everyone, and I mean everyone involved seems more than just happy to be here, but truly enthralled in the shared magical experience that is created and their happiness translates into amazing performances, exciting adventures and a good time had by all. Rarely have I seen so many artists showing up at each other’s gigs to support, share the stage or just enjoy the shows. 

One of the coolest things about being able to hang out with our friends Erik and Carter is that they took us to see their friends and favorite musicians so we were able to get an insider’s view of some of the best artists who were on hand for the festival. The first example of this was them taking us and introducing us to the talent and passion of John Fullbright on the main stage.

John Fullbright


Fullbright, from Okemah, Oklahoma got his start as a member of the Turnpike Toubadours before branching out on his own and finding immediate success. His first studio recording, “From the Ground Up” scored a Grammy nomination for best Americana album and he has not looked back. He performed a fantastic set at the amphitheater to a large and happy crowd that included Kathy and I, who would never have been there if not for the heads up by Erik and Carter.

Fullbright was not the only musician that we were introduced to through our friends, we also had the good fortune to catch sets by Levi Parham, Zac Copeland, Mike Hosty and of course Jason Scott. All of these artists have the seal of approval and are worth the effort to check in to. In fact, no act that we saw was one that I would pass on, which a testament to both the quality of music coming out of Oklahoma and Texas and the excellent selection process of organizer Kyle Carter and his staff at the Mile 0 Festival. 

But again, it wasn’t just the music that made this festival so special, it was the people involved. We had the good fortune to meet and hang out with a full community of artists and fans of this music, who welcomed us with open arms, just as hopefully the community of Key West welcomed them.


I was even able to tag along to Zac Copeland’s private birthday celebration at D.J.’s Clam Shack- where I enjoyed an amazing lobster roll in addition to the great company who were on hand. The final notes of the music of Mile 0 have quieted, and our friends old and new have headed back out on the road, but already I am marking my calendar to be back at Mile 0 again next year. Tickets are already on sale and are sure to move fast, so do yourself a favor and book them now.

Carter and Jason