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Friday, April 08, 2016

Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

April 1, 2016


Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

Easter is always fun for us, mostly because for the past 12 years or so, Kathy has made appearances as the Easter Bunny at various sites around Key West. It started back when she was teaching at the Key West Preschool Co-op when she would become the Easter Bunny each year for their annual spring fair and has continued in various places around Key West including at times at the Sheriff’s Department Animal Farm and most recently at the Key West Library’s Easter Egg hunt.

Kathy has been dressing as the Easter Bunny for about the past five years or so at the library at their annual Easter Egg hunt, which is held each year in the Children’s room at the library with a host of other activities held in the auditorium there. This year there was a huge crowd on hand of kids and parents of all ages, from newborns all the way through high school kids. It was a hugely successful event and the library staff and volunteers do an amazing job in putting the event on each year.

The library has a number of craft stations where the kids can create various Easter related items, each station overseen by high school aged volunteers and the kids are taken in to the children’s room in groups based on their ages where thousands of candy-filled eggs have been hidden by the library staff. It is a crazy scene to watch the actual egg hunts as they happen. Kathy mostly mills about getting photos with kids and handing out Easter stickers, she always is surrounded by a large pack of kids who just cannot seem to get enough of the Easter Bunny.

Usually we know a large number of the kids and families on hand, but even though there was a larger crowd, it seemed we knew less people than usual, but it was still a really fun way to celebrate the Easter holiday. Kathy really loves interacting with the kids and suffers through wearing the super-heated costume every year. On the way home from the library, still in her bunny costume, Kathy and I stopped by Island Bikes so that Kathy could pick up her brand new road bike.

The staff at Island Bikes had helped a great deal in selecting and fitting Kathy for her new road bike and once it came in and was assembled, she was ready to pick it up and so the Easter Bunny arrived to pick the bike up. It is a pretty cool Easter present and Kathy has already started a regular schedule of riding it up and down the Keys. For Easter itself, we were invited to an amazingly wonderful pot-luck Easter Buffett at the home of our friends Jim and Fiona.

Meredith and Beth

The brunch included a large group of friends who all pitched in and there was enough food and drinks to feed an army, but as awesome as the food was, just having an afternoon to hang out with friends and celebrate the season was the best part of the day, thanks to Jim and Fiona and to all of our friends who helped with this wonderful day. Sometimes it is nice to take a moment and reflect on what awesome people we share this island community with and who we count among our friends.


Speaking of friends, we have a large number of friends involved with the current show playing at the Key West Theater, “Free Beer Tomorrow”. Kathy and I had our standard table up front for opening night and we were thrilled with the production of the play which is actually a series of short plays connected by the fact that they take place at the same location a bar modeled after the former iconic bar The Boca Chica Lounge. Each play covers a different time period from the bar’s opening through the decades until it eventually closed. The plays cover not only the history of the bar itself, but of the Florida Keys.

It is brilliantly done and a pleasure to watch as the various characters from the changing Key West find themselves in the bar over the course of the decades it is open. At once funny and poignant, the plays are fantastic and the actors are all great. Special shout out to Erin McKenna and the incomparable Pony Charvet who were just outstanding in their various roles. It was all good though as we were reminded once again of the tremendous talent that is found here in Key West.


Mook J


The show runs through April 16th and if you are in Key West or find yourself there in the next couple of weeks head on over to the Key West Theater website to get your tickets, even if you are reading this long after the show is gone, you should still check out the site as there is always a fantastic list of upcoming shows at the venue, it is an amazing place and one of the best places to see a show of any kind in the Keys.