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Thursday, April 02, 2009

92 in the Shade

April 2, 2009


Photobucket Kathy, Jim & Gae

92 in the Shade

Photobucket Howard & Najada

While the spring season marks the start of much warmer and humid weather here in Key West, it hasn’t quite hit the mark of 92 yet. The title of this entry comes from the title of a famous novel by Tom McGuane that was written in and set in Key West and was turned into a film of the same name in 1975. The film was shown this week as a fundraiser for the Heron-Peacock Supported Living organization that provides support for people in the Keys with Chronic Mental Illness.

Photobucket Kathy wins!

As part of the festivities, a 70s costume contest was held and Kathy managed to snag first prize. The film itself is dated, but it was a lot of fun to see the portions that were filmed in the Keys back in the 70s. The film stars Peter Fonda, Margot Kidder, Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton and Burgess Meredith. It was one of the many activities of yet another busy week on our island home. The tourist season winds down as spring approaches and the snowbirds depart for Northern climes bringing a sense of calm and peacefulness that will increase as the summer approaches. There are still a number of things going on, but there is a definite feel that change is in the air.

The lecture series for the Friends of the Library is almost over, the annual lecture by noted pollster Lou Harris packed the Studios of Key West this week and Lou’s appearance always coincides with the conclusion of the series. At 88, Harris still has his finger on the political pulse of the Nation and he gave another rousing take on the current political landscape.

Photobucket Lou Harris


This week, we have also had the pleasure to meet Najada Tafili who is visiting our friend Howard from her home in Albania. They met last summer while RPM was working in Albania and Najada is making her first visit to Key West. We attended a party to welcome her to the States and later went to dinner at Michael’s restaurant where we had a chance to get to know Najada a little better. Hopefully we will get more opportunities to spend time with her in the future.

Photobucket Najada & Howard


We also managed to drop in on the 70th birthday celebration for our friend Brewster Chamberlain at Ft. Zachary Taylor state park over the weekend. It was a beautiful beach day for the party and we want to wish Brewster a happy birthday.

Photobucket Brewster's birthday

I also wanted to recognize that tonight’s episode of the show ER is the conclusion of 15 years of some of the finest dramatic television ever created. Generally this wouldn’t rate a mention, but my friend Abe has been a cast member on and off since the very beginning playing the role of Jerry. I’ve long since gotten used to tuning in and seeing a friend on TV, but I wanted to say how proud I am of all Abe’s fine work over the years. I pulled a couple of pix of Abe from the archive and just wanted to congratulate him on his success.

Photobucket Ted, Abe & Michael

Photobucket Heather, Abe & Lisa

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