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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Key Lime Pie

July 6, 2017

Key Lime Pie

The Dan Band

I have been completely remiss, where does time go and how did six months slip by since my last blog posting. It has been a crazy year and I cannot believe that it is half gone already. Rather than make any attempt at trying to recap the past few months, I figured it best just to dive right back in as if no time had passed at all and get right back in to blogging about our life in Key West, crazy as it may be just of its own accord.


This summer has been relatively quiet for us, not so many getaways as in some years past and with much of our focus on new house we are building in Colorado Springs, we have kept a relatively low profile as far as major travel or expenses. That has left us here in Key West to enjoy the quirky weirdness that is our little island community and there have been plenty of options to keep us busy.


We have been out in the evenings in the past couple of weeks to a number of the excellent entertainment options that seem to always be available here. Up first was a comedy show at the Blue Room of the remodeled Bottlecap Lounge sponsored by the local comedy group Comedy Key West.
Comedy Key West has been sponsoring stand-up comedy in Key West for a couple of years now, producing shows with local stand-ups and bringing in some bigger names at some of their shows.

Graf, Fiona, Jim and Trevor


For some reason, though they had been on our radar for some time and a number of our friends have been performing, we had not made it out to see a show. I must admit that what brought me out was the booking of former “Saved By the Bell” actor Dustin Diamond who has been doing stand-up since his days playing Screetch (when not doing adult films or doing time for stabbing people).

It was the morbid curiosity fact that brought me out, but it was the local comedy that will bring me back again. All of the local acts and Diamond’s opening act were all far superior and much funnier than Diamond himself, who resorted to crass humor attempts that were often sexist, and crude rather than funny. The highlight for me was local writer Gwen Filosa who was riotously funny, easily making the evening worthwhile on her own. We will certainly be back to see more local funny people.

We also spent a fun evening at the upstairs caberet at 801 where we watched our friend Allen reprise his drag queen persona, the legendary Alma Jean (The World’s Ugliest Drag Queen) for the first time in six years. Alma Jean was a regular at 801 for years but had retired from the stage but for the very occasional shows such as this one. Though Kathy and I had both been to see Alma Jean years ago at 801, it was well before we had become personal friends with Allen and it was so fun to spend the evening with so many appreciative fans and friends of his. It was a fun night out.

Alma Jean

The schedule at the Key West Theater is a little lighter during the summer months, but they still manage to bring in some excellent entertainment, case in point the recent show by the Dan Band.  The band fronted by Dan Finnerty became famous by their appearance in comedy films such as “Old School” and “The Hangover” by performing hysterical covers of mostly female-performed pop songs.

Finnerty, with two back-up singers are the Dan Band and their comedy show of ridiculous cover songs has to be seen to be truly appreciated, but it is pretty damn funny. Whether performing “Candy Shop”, “Feel Like Makin’ Love” or “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, the Dan Band is as earnest as they are hysterical.


The July 4th weekend in Key West has become the home of the annual Key Lime Festival, yet another brilliantly quirky and subversive event organized by the lunatic genius of David Sloan and Marky Pierson. This is the fourth year of the event which in the past has included things like making the world’s largest Key Lime Pie, Key Lime Pie eating contests and contests and tastings. This year was the first time of a new event in conjunction with the Key West Historic Society, the Key Lime Pie Drop.

It basically involved people creating contraptions that would hopefully deliver a 5 inch Key Lime Pie safely to the ground after being tossed off the Key West Lighthouse toward a target on the ground below. Marky contacted me and asked if I would participate so I got to work creating a parachute out of a plastic bag that would hopefully do the trick.



The parachute principle was working great until a gust of wind caught the parachute and pie and carried it into a nearby tree, which ended up catching a third of the 15 entries. My friend David won first prize with a sort of helicopter blade design as he almost hit the target and was really the only entry close. It was a fun and interesting event and I am already starting to think of ways to improve upon the design for next year.