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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wedding Welcome

January 14, 2017

Chris and Livi

Wedding Welcome

I love weddings, something about bringing two people together and celebrating with their family and friends always makes me feel good and it is especially fun when it is a destination wedding and we get to travel to exciting places for a wedding. We have been to a number of great weddings in the past six months both in Key West and beyond and being in New Orleans for a friends’ wedding was really a pleasure.

I have known Chris for probably twenty years, we had a mutual friend who once served as an intern for me at Reef Relief once upon a time and we have remained friends over the years as I have watched Chris grow from a somewhat shy and geeky young man into a Key West business icon (though still somewhat proudly geeky).

He is one of the nicest, most interesting and wonderful friends one could have and his fiancé Livi is about a perfect match for him. They both are happy, fun wonderful people who just love to have a good time and when they are around, or more likely hosting a party it is one that you should certainly not miss.

Jeremy and Laura

Michael and Landon

Stephanie and Erica

The welcome party that they had for their family and friends the evening before their wedding was one for the books. Held at a wonderful empty lot right next to the Frenchmen Art Market and the Spotted Cat on Frenchman Street, the party featured a wonderful New Orleans Jazz band, great food and libations and a crowd of some of the most fun people ever.

The party offered the opportunity for the family and friends from various stages of their lives and from all around the country to mix and mingle in the sort of casual and relaxed setting that is only found at weddings. When you bring together a variety of people as is found at weddings, they can either remain gathered in their own separate groups or co-mingle creating a fun and festive mixture that will only ever be found at that single event.

This is what happened at this wonderful gathering as people coalesced as if they had all known each other for years and everyone in turn had an amazing time with friends old and new. It speaks to the kind of special people that Chris and Livi are that this was able to happen.

Wendy and Chris

After the official wedding welcome party ended around 11 PM, but the unofficial after-party simply moved across the street to dba, a dance club and bar that soon was packed with people from the wedding party and the bar, dance floor and in front of the stage where the live music was playing were all full of the LiviGotSchultzed crowd.