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This humble blog was started to document our travels around the country during the summer of 2006, We have opted to continue updating it due to the requests from family & friends. Enjoy!

Friday, September 01, 2017

Happiness is Not a Place

August 16, 2017


Happiness is Not a Place

Before departing Colorado Springs, Kathy spent our last evening there attending a concert at a small club called the Black Sheep to see a band called the Wind and the Wave. I was completely unfamiliar with the band, but Kathy had checked them out and really wanted to go, so we got tickets. The band, a duo from Austin, Texas is touring in support of their second CD release and first for Island Records, “Happiness Is Not A Place”.

One Flew West 


First off, the club was fantastic, the Black Sheep was just the sort of slightly seedy, yet comfortable and open with plenty of great space to see the bands, a large bar and excellent sound. The opening act was a Colorado based band called One Flew West. Normally local opening bands can leave a lot to be desired, but this band was excellent and well-polished. Really worth checking out.

The headliners, The Wind and the Wave were amazingly good. In the past two weeks I have had the good fortune to see two great young bands, the Wild Reeds and now the Wind and the Wave. Though there was a pretty sparse crowd, the band delivered an amazing set that featured cuts from both their cds as well as a few well-placed covers. I was so thankful that Kathy had pressed us to go see this as I really, really enjoyed it.


The main reason for my birthday getaway was to visit the Princeton Hot Springs. She had booked a room for us at the beautiful Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Nathrop, Colorado. The natural hot springs feed a few beautiful pools, hot tubs, a water slide and a beautiful spa. They even flow into the river that runs along the property creating warm pools of water along the banks of the flowing river. It is a spectacular place and a wonderful place to spend a couple of days relaxing.

It had been some time since I had been on a waterslide and this was a good one and reminded me of how much I have always enjoyed them, since my days as a kid at Boogie Mountain Water Park in Indianapolis. We spent the day longing and playing then had a fantastic meal at the lodge before a late-night dip in the beautiful spa pool under the stars, it was a just about perfect day.


The next day we were off on a leisurely trip to Estes Park with stops at Dillon Lake at Pug Ryan’s brewery and for a long afternoon exploring Breckenridge as well. We took our time traveling the back way to Estes that would take us across Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park. Breckenridge is a cute little touristy town. We had a nice lunch at the Breckenridge Brewery and walked around downtown checking out the art galleries, shops and bars. 


We crossed the Continental Divide at the Hoosier Pass, altitude 11,539 ft. and had to stop and get photos, being a good Hoosier and all. It was a pretty cool drive as we wound our way towards Rocky Mountain National Park for the final leg of our journey to see our friend Kerry in Estes Park.

I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado

August 15, 2017



I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado

After being separated from Kathy for over a month while she was in Colorado, it was finally my turn to head out for a week to see our new house for myself and to reunite with my wife and enjoy a little vacation. I flew from my quick stop in Indianapolis out to Colorado Springs where Kathy picked me up at the airport and our getaway began.


Our first stop was our new house, which is currently and slowly being constructed. I had seen many photos and videos but being on-site gave me an entire new and much improved perspective. I really, really liked what I saw, it is going to be so awesome once it is completed, which I hope is sooner
rather than later. Being able to walk around inside the rooms gave a much better idea of what it will actually be like.


Kathy has been working hard with every aspect along the way and the design is as much hers as it is the architect’s and it is pretty damn cool. Now if we can just get past all these hold-ups and delays maybe we can get something done. The views, especially from the larger unit are spectacular with the front looking out over Pike’s Peak and one side looking out at the Garden of the Gods.


A friend of ours who lives in Golden, Colorado drove down to hang out with us for a day. Janine lived many years in Key West before heading West and it is always great to see her. She met us at the house with her dog and we hiked from there in to the Garden of the Gods to check it out. It was so easy just to walk off our property and within moments be surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in Colorado. It was a beautiful, albeit slightly warm day and we made a quick loop ending up back on the property before heading off for a late lunch.


Since Janine had her pup with her, we opted to go to the first place that I have ever seen that allows dogs to eat inside as well as outside. Pub Dog is just that a pub that caters to dogs and their owners. Dogs are allowed both inside and out as well as in a fenced in dog park that is surrounded by tables where owners can eat and drink while their pooches frolic together. It was such an awesome place that we pretty much spent the rest of the day there.

There were at times as many as 30 dogs in the outside park area and it was as cool as it sounds. The food and drink was good as well, with the food being served in metal dog dishes. I wish we had a place like this in Key West, but I think we may be frequent visitors when in Colorado Springs, even though we won’t have a dog to take there.

After a couple of days in Colorado Springs, meeting with construction people, picking through paint samples and the like, Kathy and I headed off for our own little getaway to celebrate my birthday. We were going to the Princeton Hot Springs resort, but we made a couple of stops along the way including a stop in the small town of Buena Vista, where we visited the Eddyline Brewery for lunch.


Yellow Bellied Marmot

We also took in the biggest ghost town left in Colorado, St. Elmo. I had never been to an actual ghost town and it was pretty cool, though somewhat different than my imagination which had been largely formed by seeing the Brady Bunch get locked up by an old prospector in one when I was a kid. There was a large collection of mostly empty buildings from the late 1800s. One did have a general store/gift shop and another had been fully preserved as sort of a museum, but most were pretty ramshackle.



It was worth a visit, especially for the chipmunk feeding area in front of the general store. Literally hundreds of well feed chipmunks scurry around, about and even on the people who gather there to feed them sunflower seeds. They are incredibly adorable and friendly and it was a ton of fun having them running over you in serach of the seeds. Such cute little buggers.