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Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Easter

April 5, 2015

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Happy Easter

Kathy’s mother, Mary Kilroy had an Easter tradition for many years of hosting a picnic at Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park. The picnic area under the pine trees at the beach hosted many warm and wonderful gatherings of friends and family. When Mary passed away, the tradition stopped, but Kathy and I have tried to honor Mary’s memory by hosting our own gathering each Easter we are in Key West by inviting a collection of our friends to join us for brunch.

 photo 024_zpslibiobsk.jpg Kathy, Reggie & Terry

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 photo 062_zpsdiphovt7.jpg Trevor & Meri

Once again this year, we gathered with a crowd of about fourteen at the Westin resort to enjoy their fabulous Easter brunch. It was a beautiful day and an absolutely wonderful day spent with some of our closest friends. Joining us this year were our friends Reggie and Terry who brought along a neighbor couple of theirs, our friends Chuck and Sue, our friend Sy and our friends Trevor and Nadene who brought along the star of the show, their baby Meredith.

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 photo 012_zpsrjzmiczw.jpg Terry & Reggie

 photo 020_zpsnrcin2l0.jpg Chuck & Sue

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Kathy spends two days a week babysitting Meredith and is loving it, so it was extra special to have Meri there to be the focus of everyone’s attention. She is so sweet and beautiful and well-behaved and absolutely adorable. Much like her parents. It was especially sweet to see Sy at age 89 interact with the baby. It was a glorious afternoon and a simply fantastic celebration.

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Easter weekend was also the time set aside for the annual Ocean Fest celebration which was held in and around the Eco-Discovery Center. It brought together a collection of environmental organizations, food vendors, artists and craftspeople with rides and games for kids all to recognize the Ocean environment that surrounds us.

 photo 157_zpsndsfynvy.jpg The Lazy Dog Crew

 photo 151_zpscmox6y9r.jpg Wyland

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It is a pretty cool event and it was packed under beautiful skies and perfect spring weather as families came out in force to take advantage of the free festival. It is exactly the kind of thing that I once found myself at frequently when I worked for Reef Relief and it is always nice to enjoy such things without having to man a booth.

 photo 136_zps7mkmcxpw.jpg Wyland

 photo 102_zpsw51gefuy.jpg Eliza

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The event also had live entertainment including the fantastic Nick Norman who was playing while we were there, my buddy Marine artist Wyland was on hand to paint murals along with kids and to give away some artwork to raise money for Ocean related charities. It was a fun event all around.

 photo 116_zpstfl3piza.jpg Jack

 photo 112_zpsnxpya4hz.jpg Corey

 photo 092_zpszanndh0k.jpg Kathy

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Sadly though I have to report some very sad news that has happened between the time period covered in this post and the time I got around to posting it and that is the passing of our dear friend Sy Krinsky who accompanied us to Easter brunch and seemed well, but became ill this past week and passed away. Sy was a dear, dear friend and one of the sweetest, kindest people I have known. He had a positive outlook about just about everything in life and lived life to the absolute fullest. He was a fixture on the Key West social scene and stayed incredibly active right up to the very end. He was a fantastic role model of someone who squeezed the last enjoyable drop out of everything he did, always with a smile and positive outlook. Kathy and I will miss him so much.

 photo 044_zps5x54oz7z.jpg Sy

Friday, April 17, 2015

Juan Pablo

March 30, 2015

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Juan Pablo

Last year, Juan Pablo Montoya made big news in the world of Indy Car when he returned to the series after 14 years away racing in Formula One and NASCAR. He had dominated the old CART Indy Car series during his time there capturing the championship as well as winning the Indianapolis 500 in 2000. Questions as to whether he would be able to live up to his previous glory hounded him especially early in the season as success did not come right away. 

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By the end of the season, he was getting back in to form and he won his first race back at Pocono in the fall. It remained to be seen if he was fully back or if that win was an anomaly and this season on the powerhouse Penske team would be the proof (or lack thereof) of his current ability. Qualifying for the St. Pete race was good as he started in 4th place until you consider that he was in last place among his four teammates. 

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Race day was warm and sunny and the excitement of starting the 2015 Indy Car season was palpable in the air as the grid was set-up. My pit pass enabled me to be on the starting grid prior to the start and it was a festive atmosphere as they had the TV reporters scurrying about, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers mascot and cheerleaders on the grid and the regular cast of Indy Car celebrities such as David Letterman on hand.

 photo 227_zpsu9xrbtst.jpg

 photo 270_zps8ieahqje.jpg David Letterman

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The race got off to a clean start as Will Power moved to the point, but soon drivers were knocking in to each other with frequency and the seemingly obvious became a reality as the new aero-kits would disintegrate into sharp pieces with each contact. Replacing nose cones and flat tires resulted translating in to many laps run under the yellow flag. It made for a lot of exciting re-starts but Power maintained his advantage until a poor pit-stop dropped him to third place and Montoya inherited the lead.

 photo 360_zps5diotzvq.jpg

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Power would move to second and battle vigorously with Montoya, even running in to him briefly on one pass attempt, but he could not get by and Montoya scored his second win since returning to Indy Car. Power snared second followed by Tony Kanaan, Helio Castroneves and Simon Pagenaud giving Penske racing four of the top five.

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My pass also allowed me access to Victory Lane and I was able to enjoy watching the podium celebration as well as the many Columbian fans who were on hand to celebrate their hero’s victory. It was cool getting to watch the party as Montoya celebrated and to be so up close to the car and drivers as they enjoyed their success.

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