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Thursday, February 19, 2009

We’ve Got a Lot to Drink About

February 19, 2009

Photobucket JohnSmith

PhotobucketMegan, Kristin & Emily

We’ve Got a Lot to Drink About

Photobucket Stone Soup

In addition to the festive Valentine’s Day events of last Friday, we have been busy with a number of other events as Key West was alive with things to do over the week that included not only Valentine’s Day, but the President’s Day holiday which found Kathy off from work. The week was hi-lighted by a visit from a long-time friend of Kathy’s, Kristin Neff and her daughters Megan & Emily who came down for the long week-end.



The week also included a plethora of musical options ranging from the third evening in the Old Town/ New Folk music series at the Studios of Key West, to the return of the Miami funk band Suenalo to the Green Parrot to a rare surprise appearance at Margaritaville by the legendary Jimmy Buffett. Jimmy played a special 2 ½ hour show to the delight of Maragaritaville staff, friends and a few lucky members of the public. He included a brilliant new song, “We’ve Got a Lot to Drink About”.

Jimmy Buffett- Live at Margaritaville

Kathy & I attended the Folk show at the Studios by an amazingly talented singer/songwriter named JohnSmith. It was a wonderful performance that was followed by an equally wonderful reception at the beautiful home of Jay & Carolyn Scott to celebrate the performance. JohnSmith is well worth checking out, I have included a video to give you all an idea of the performance.

Photobucket Kelly, Skipper, Arthur, Roz & Jay


Johnsmith Live

We also found ourselves at the wonderful Stone Soup art gallery on White Street twice this week, once for an opening of some wonderful jewelry and secondly for an exhibit by Art Behind Bars that featured artwork by currently incarcerated and recently released prisoners from the Monroe County jail. This fantastic program gives inmates a focus on something other than the circumstances which led to their situation and produces some great art.

Photobucket India at Stone Soup


Photobucket Lynne Vantriglia of Art Behind Bars

Finally, I spent a fun evening out with our friends Trevor & Nadene, Trevor was “celebrating” his last day of work for the Crowne Plaza , thanks economic downturn, and his new job at We’ve Got the Keys.

Photobucket Trevor "Shooter" Orr & Friends


JohnSmith website

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

February 14, 2009


Photobucket Elio

Valentine’s Day

Photobucket Srea, Kathy & Jimmy

Valentine’s Weekend was another crazy one in Key West; in fact it was so busy that I am basically having two post two blog entries as so many activities were going on that it is hard to fit them all into a single entry. I am going to start in this posting by focusing on the frivolity that we experienced the evening of Friday the


Photobucket Chris

The evening started with a trip to Kelly’s Caribbean restaurant to attend the special Valentine’s Day show, “Keysablanca” put on by Key West Burlesque. Kathy & I were joined by Kathy’s father Jimmy and our friend Howard and after a few drinks; we made our way to our seats in the front of the sold-out theatre for the show.

Photobucket * Photo Courtesy Marky P & KW Burlesque

Photobucket Jolly, Chad & Chris * photo courtesy Marky P & KW Burlesque

The Key West Burlesque troupe is made up of many of our friends and just as they did during the Christmas show, they put on a spectacular show. The shows are sexy without being raunchy and they honor the truest spirit of burlesque and the show was damn funny. There were times that laughter erupted uncontrollably in the packed theatre. Our seats up front gave up a great view, but also subjected us to getting wet during a neat trick performed in a giant martini glass.

Photobucket Elio & Eric

After the show, we all headed over to a showing of artwork by our friend Elenora Hinds at the beautiful gallery/home of Eric Anfinson. The place was packed full of friends and art lovers including our good friends and former locals, Kevin, Dylan & Rachel Collins Kelly who are visiting from their chilly new residence in New York. It is great to have them back in town.

Photobucket Kevin & Rachel

Photobucket Bethany, Eliza & Elio

The art was wonderful as well, Elio’s work has been seen around town as part of the sets at the Waterfront Playhouse and recently she painted the amazing set for the Key West Literary Seminar, but it was great to see her own work on display in front of an appreciative audience.


Photobucket Celia