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Saturday, November 05, 2011

TuTu Tuesday III

November 5, 2011


Photobucket Kathy

Photobucket Susan & Bruce


TuTu Tuesday III

The past few years there has been something of a shift with Fantasy fest expanding earlier and earlier in the week and some of the best events and parties happening well before the traditional Friday/Saturday slots that have grown into massive happenings. The shift to early week parties allows many locals who work during the busy fantasy fest weekend to enjoy parties of their own and still be available to reap the financial windfall that they get by working the busy days.

Photobucket Kathy & Hannah


Photobucket Joel & Erika

What this has meant is that the best locals parties are held early and that is certainly the case with the spectacular third edition of TuTu Tuesday. The Tutu party has grown from humble beginnings at the small Martin’s restaurant two years ago, to the much larger expanded version last year upstairs at Mango’s to the massive party that took over the entire Mango’s complex and catered to literally hundreds of happy partiers.

Photobucket KP & Kathy

Photobucket Joanie & Chad


Photobucket Eileen & Graf

To say that this was the best party of Fantasy Fest doesn’t really do the party justice, it was one of the best parties I have attended in Key West ever, for any reason. It was just a spectacular, fun amazing celebration hosted and organized by some of the most creative and fun people in Key West and attended by the more locals and people we knew than any other event.


Photobucket Erin & Chris


Photobucket Natalia & Kyla

The only stipulation to attend the Tutu party is that to enter you must be attired in a tutu. No exceptions. This leads to the sillyness of many uncomfortable men donning tutus with varying degrees of confidence. It doesn’t bother me in the least, but some are a little hesitant, making it all the more fun when they actually break down and put one on. It matters not because the party is so good, anyone that is too self conscious to wear one would probably not be much fun anyway.

Photobucket Swan Dance


Photobucket Tom & Marky


Kathy went all out again, dressing up as the Black Swan character from the recent movie of the same name. It proved to be a popular choice as there were at least four other black swans and one white swan at the party. She did a nice job and looked fantastic.

Photobucket Breanne


The party commenced at seven at the Porch, where a large group of Tutu wearing revelers gathered before a huge march down Duval Street to Mango’s for the actual start of the party at eight. Once there it was two levels of dancing, drinks flowing freely and the one of the best collections of locals ever assembled. The vibe was fantastic as everyone was in an excellent mood and having a great time.


Photobucket Jim

Photobucket Steve

We stayed until around 1:30 AM and as we were leaving there was a whole new group of late night partiers lined up waiting to get in so the party evolved and changed as the night went on. After the Zombie ride and the Tutu party – they could have just canceled the rest of Fantasy fest and we still would have had an amazing year. The good news was that it was just getting started.

Photobucket Scott & Wendy

Photobucket Nancy & Bob


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