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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Last IV

May 21, 2014

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Last IV

In spite of not having lived in Indianapolis for more than twenty years, I still do a good job of keeping up with what is happening there through frequent visits, and keeping up with friends who are still among the movers and shakers in the community. I have always been especially keen to follow what is happening on the music scene there as so many of my friends are or have been involved in some way over the years.


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So it was with great excitement that I found out that a “Supergroup” of Indianapolis based musicians including my good friends Rusty and Vess were performing their inaugural official gig at the Broad Ripple Art Fair while I was home. I knew that they had made an impromptu performance once previously and had been working on material over the past few months and had seen some of their facebook postings, but to be able to attend their first real gig was pretty cool.

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The members of the band, Vess, Rusty, Tufty and Devon are all long-time veterans of the Indianapolis music scene having been members of some of best bands in Indy history as individuals including the Mudkids, Birdmen of Alcatraz. The Lemonheads, Toxic Reasons, Jots, Bigger than Elvis, Mablab, the Pieces and Those Young Lions. Coming together for the first time, these guys are onto something potentially huge and it was so cool to watch their set which was heavy on Iggy Pop, Ramones and other covers with a few awesome original songs thrown in.

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It was just a beautiful perfect day at the Broad Ripple Art Fair and the band was fantastic, winning over the crowd immediately and seeming more like a veteran rock act than this being their first gig. Of course their extensive individual experience certainly helped. It was pretty exciting stuff. The band, Last IV, will be playing extensively throughout central Indiana this summer with an EP in the works – keep an eye out for them.

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 photo 10308425_845625888799729_4279252663715925171_n_zps6015ad9c.jpg UFD Girls

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The gig fell on the same day as Pole Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and I spent the early part of the day at the track watching qualifying for the Indy 500.  Capturing the pole for the second straight year was Indy native Ed Carpenter who narrowly edged out James Hincliffe to grab the top starting position. It was a perfect, beautiful day at the track and the qualifying was pretty good, even though I still and not totally sold on the new pole day format.

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While I was away in Indianapolis, Kathy was keeping busy in Key West. She attended the beautiful baby shower for our expectant friend Nadene and has been keeping busy helping another friend, Bonnie Helms who is running for circuit court judge in Monroe County.  If you live in the Keys and want to learn more about Bonnie, check out the link below.

 photo 10355807_10203962649535522_41524081079540216_n_zps4434108d.jpg Kathy & Bonnie

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Also I want to give a shout out to our niece Bayla who recently graduated from college at Muhlenberg College. Congrats Bayla, It seems hard to believe that she is already a college graduate, but Kathy and I are proud and happy for her.

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