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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Children’s Day 2019

October 30, 2019

Children’s Day 2019

I have a confession to make, I dread going to Children’s Day. This final event of Fantasy Fest is always held at Bayview Park the Sunday afternoon following the big culminating Fantasy Fest parade and I am generally exhausted after having been on the go pretty much constantly for the previous ten days. It is not that I do not like or appreciate the event, after all it is a big day for many of the community youth, who pack the park every year, but I always have to wearily drag myself over to complete my photo assignment for the week.

I would much rather just lounge about in bed or on the couch watching the NFL or just sleeping, but I have for the past few years made myself get up and attend what is one of the better children’s events of the year in Key West and one that raises a ton of money for all sorts of charities involved in our community.

The event was jam packed as it always is and this year, after making myself get up and head over, I rather enjoyed it. In fact it was the best time that I have had at a Children’s Day in years, possibly ever. As an adult there is not much happening that I can take advantage of, with the exception being the wonderous mix of tasty food that is available. Getting fresh Conch salad and a snow cone are two of my annual favorites at the event.

I also really enjoy seeing a lot of our friends and their kids out and enjoying the day. It helps to know people and their kids as a photographer, because people can get understandably touchy about a grown man going around photographing their kids, even though I have a press credential, I always feel more comfortable shooting kids I know. It is sort of a sad statement on our society, but one that I completely understand and respect.

This year I arrived in time to catch the truly wonderful costume contest featuring kids dressing up in their Halloween best and competing in a fun contest where they show off their costumes. It is fun and often adorable and the kids seem to love it. My favorite costume actually won first place as a child dressed up as a Key West Cemetery Iguana, a perfect Key West costume that was funny and creative. Congrats to all the kids who entered, I was happy to have arrived in time to catch the contest.

There were a ton of other fun performances by kid’s organizations during the day from a variety of groups and organizations. Among those that I had the good fortune to see were performances by kids dance groups, cheerleaders, gymnastics and a cool martial arts demonstration that I really enjoyed.

All sorts of kid’s organizations, non-profits and church groups had various games, rides and sales all to raise money for their respective charities and it seemed that they seemed to be doing a great job based on the crowds. There was a good selection of fun carnival type rides and games as well and plenty for kids to do to keep them busy and occupied on what was a beautiful sunny and warm afternoon.


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