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Friday, November 01, 2019

Masquerade March 2019

October 25, 2019

Martha and David

Masquerade March 2019

Many Key West locals prefer the annual Masquerade March or “Local’s Parade” over any other Fantasy Fest event and once you experience it, it is easy to see why. For many people this is the only Fantasy Fest event they attend, either to witness the march or to get dressed up and participate in what has to be one of the biggest costume events in the entire nation.

Thousands and thousands of people join the parade each year and it seems to just get more and more massive, while maintaining the creative excellence that it has always had as people go all out in creating their costumes for what is the most visually spectacular and fun events of the entire year in Key West. Many thousands more line the parade route to watch as the masses move past.


Kathy and Liz

The route, which after years of dividing into two directions now only follows the singular, more popular of the two, heading down Frances Street from the Frances Street entrance to the Key West Cemetery down to Fleming where it turns left and heads down to Simonton where it turns left again to Olivia where it makes a right before spilling out onto the Duval Street Fair which was in full swing.


This route takes it in front of a myriad of guest houses that act as official stops as they hand out free drinks or jello shots to the costumed revelers as they pass by. Many people also hold viewing parties both in their private homes and at various guest houses along the path.

Leigh and Matt



This is one of the few events that Kathy and I are consistently active participants in, this year dressing up as John Lennon (Kathy) and Yoko Ono (me). After enjoying the pre-party at our friend’s Scott and Wendy’s house, we may our way up to the starting area and met with our friend Gae who was dressed as Janis Joplin. One of the best things about the event and the reason that it is called by many simply the local’s parade is the vast number of island residents who participate.


We are always guaranteed to see a ton of our friends during the march, both those donning costumes and those who choose just to watch the event from the side. The costumes are a true showcase of the artistic and fun vibe that is so much a part of the Key West community. We don’t need much of an excuse to get dressed up around here, but the Masquerade March is above and beyond even the most popular events as there are just so many people who participate.

Matt and Deb

Many people kept the musical theme of Fantasy Fest in mind with many people dressed up as musical icons like Kathy and I were, we even found another set dressed as John and Yoko and more than a few dressed up as the Beatles. But sticking to the theme is not required and there were creative costuming choices to be seen everywhere.

Rosie and Kathy


For the first time in my memory, the event experienced a brief, but fairly heavy rainfall, which did not really dampen the spirits or make too much difference at all as the parade slowly made its way along the route. It took more than 2.5 hours for the slow moving procession to pass by, giving some idea as to the scope and numbers of people participating. We stopped at a couple of parties along the route to catch a drink, some food and the ever important restroom facility.

Sue and Judi


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