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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wednesday Night Madness

October 24, 2019


Wednesday Night Madness

I am not sure how most people in America spend their Wednesday evenings but I am pretty sure than most of them do not come anywhere close to experiencing what happens in Key West, especially during Fantasy Fest week, For me it is easily the busiest night of the week because of the multitude of events that I get to attend and photograph for Fantasy Fest.

It begins benignly enough at the Pet Masquerade, a wholesome, family friendly event with all sorts of adorable dressed up children, pets and adults all competing for prizes in one of the best costume contests of the week. From there, my night takes a much more adult turn as I head straight from there to another, very different costume contest at the Smoking Tuna Saloon.

The annual homemade bikini contest has been going on as a part of Fantasy Fest for twenty-seven years and is markedly different than the pet masquerade. Contestants compete for cash prizes with bikinis that they create themselves from all manner of items, it is truly unique and interesting which is why the event is always a total sell-out. This year there were about 15 entries into the contest and while I never stay around for the conclusion to see which entry wins, they are all mostly creative.

This year my personal favorite was the entry that was created out of used reels of old cassette tapes, pretty well done and also in keeping with this year’s musical theme. From the Tuna, it is over to Lucy’s Surfer Bar for the annual fundraising Blue Party that benefits my former employer Reef Relief. This party is really one of my favorite parties of Fantasy Fest, it is crowded, but not packed, they have great music and the people really take the blue color theme to heart.

They had my favorite current local musicians playing, Rob Benton with K-Ru$h. These guys are awesome, I first saw them at the Bahamas Hurricane benefit concert a few weeks ago and have been meaning to get back out and see them again since then, so being at the Blue Party gave me the opportunity to see them again. This is the one party of Fantasy Fest where I really wished that I could have spent more time, but my schedule just did not allow it, though I was happy to see that it was a success.

My next stop was at First Flight restaurant and bar where an all-new Fantasy Fest event was taking place, the first ever Key West Air Sex championships. Air Sex is just what it sounds like, sort of like individuals playing air guitar except simulating sex instead while fully clothed. More an adult comedy show than a raunchy sexual display, the air sex people presented a unique, fun and totally new Fantasy Fest experience to a full house of enthusiastic patrons.

Scott and Jodi

I was not quite sure what to expect and I think some people were understandably nervous as the raunchy sex aspect of Fantasy Fest is one that organizers have been working hard to move away from. I think all fears were allayed as the show was R-rated maybe, but all in good fun and not really all that raunchy at all. Some of the contestants were downright hysterical and I think this is a fun new addition to the annual line-up of events.

I closed out the late night session of my Fantasy Fest Wednesday at another great party, the one was the annual Love2Glow party. The 8th annual version of this popular party that is held completely under black lights with glow paint covering everything including the attendees, in fact if you are not glowing, you cannot enter to keep the atmosphere and encourage people to light up.



It did not seem to be an issue as the place was packed with writhing glowing bodies dancing the night away to the music provided by eight different Djs over the course of the night. While personally not too big on dancing, glowing or whatever enhancing substances that some attendees might have made use of, I still love the party. It is so cool  to be in the totally glowing atmosphere and much like attending an EDM concert it is something to see and experience.

Emma and Tim


Jim and Joanna


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