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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

More Magic

October 22, 2019


Marky and Nadene


More Magic

As is generally the case, I have way more photos than things to say about this year’s Tutu Tuesday party, Magic. There are always so many friends and cool costuming and creative tutus that I can never get them all in a single blog post, so this is part II of this year’s amazing Tutu party, held at the General Horseplay compound on the Tuesday of Fantasy Fest week with thousands of people attending throughout the very long night.




Ashley and Kathy

A party that starts at 7 PM and doesn’t wrap up until 4 AM the next morning is pretty epic in and of itself, though it is not all that unusual in Key West, especially during Fantasy Fest week. This party though goes strong until the very last moment as partiers squeeze every last drop of fun out of what is really another in a long line of late night/ early mornings.



Nadene, Kathy and Effie

Kathy and I called it a night before midnight after arriving shortly after the party opened and putting in about four hours. The reality is that there is another totally different party during the late night and as we were leaving there were probably a hundred people lined up waiting to get in to a party that was pretty much packed to the gills.

Sophia and Hutch

One year, I am going to have to stay to the bitter end and see what happens in the early morning hours but this year was not that year, I just have too many events to attend this week, with a list that reached thirty-eight events over the course of the ten day Fantasy Fest festival.


The tutu party is certainly up there among my most favorite events to attend, so many friends and amazing costumes and people in good moods, having fun and celebrating, it is a true fun time. But there are other events that I have to get out to see and being old and all, I need my sleep. So it was home relatively early and on to the next event the next day, a pool party at the Marker Resort.

There are a number of pool parties throughout the week of Fantasy Fest week, most of which I would not bother going to if I did not have to go and shoot photos, though the party at the Marker may be an exception, one that I would enjoy even if I did not have to be there. The idea of getting into a pool with hundreds of scantily clad strangers just does not hold all that much appeal to me, and frankly creeps me out a little when I have to go and see it.

This party is not so bad, it is not super overcrowded and they always have one of the best Key West bands, Patrick and the Swayzees playing poolside and have fun drink specials. They also happen to have the best bartender in Key West, Tom Luna pouring drinks. This isn’t just my opinion, Tom is a regular finalist in the best bartender category of the local Bubba awards and won the grand prize this year.



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