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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tutu Party 11- Magic

October 22, 2019

Lisa, Kathy and Michael



Tutu Party 11- Magic

This year’s incarnation of one of the best annual parties in Key West was held for the second straight year at the complex that includes General Horseplay and Teasers on the traditional Tuesday night of Fantasy Fest week. Originally designed as a local’s alternative to Fantasy Fest, the party has grown and morphed and is now one of the highlights of the official Fantasy Fest calendar. 

Ashley and Kathy 

Jenn and Jevne

From its humble beginnings at Martin’s restaurant with maybe a couple of hundred attendees, the party has seen massive growth in popularity and has outgrown ever larger venues from Mango’s to the Waterfront Brewery to the current locale, which it literally has been bursting at the seams during the late night hours as thousands of tutu wearing revelers pack the multi-leveled venue that is transformed into party central each year.




The theme this year was Magic and the awesome decorations by Marky and his crew at Wonderdog Productions indeed transformed the place into a magical setting. It was especially impressive in the Teasers section of the party, transforming the massive strip club into something worthy of this party is quite a task and they do a remarkable job, you could hardly tell it was usually a strip joint except for the occasional stripper pole and champagne rooms at the back of the club.


Esme and Cayman

This year there was more competition for Fantasy Fest revelers on Tuesday evening with the addition of some new events and of course some old stand-by ones as well. I know a lot of people who opted to attend something different, some feeling that the Tutu party has lost its cool local friendly vibe which is what drew so many people to it to begin with.

Mark and Kathy 




I can see the point as there are now far more tourists and visitors in attendance, but I still think that the majority of people there are locals and to me at least it still has the feeling of something special, especially earlier in the evening when it has not yet gotten crowded to the point of being uncomfortable. 



Penny and Rich

I still see a ton of people that we know and they all seem to be having an amazing time, many people put all sorts of effort into creating amazing tutu costumes and it remains one of my favorite events of the year, though we did head home before midnight, choosing the early shift as opposed to the late night craziness that I am sure ensued as the clock turned to the wee hours of the night.



The music was great, they bring in some amazing DJs from out of town and also have most of the top local Djs spinning music in a number of separate and very distinct areas of the party, so there is mostly a style of music for just about anyone to dance to, and dance they do. This is easily the best dance party in Key West of the year and one of the most fun overall for my money.

Lisa and Kathy



Kathy and I were joined at the Tutu party by our friend Lisa and there were hundreds of other friends on hand as well, which is what really makes any gathering fun. The people are what make it and there are some damn good people involved with the Tutu party, both the organizers and the attendees include some of the most fun and most creative people in Key West. Thanks again so much to all those involved who have managed to have an event which has grown in scope and magnitude yet still manages to maintain a fun, intimate and mostly local feel to it. Looking forward to returning again next year.




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