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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Bone Island Variety

March 25, 2015

 photo 879_zpshwjsstib.jpg Kathy & George

 photo 030_zpsyoftb4as.jpg Landon & Laura

 photo 796_zpsbvsr2vrq.jpg

 photo 080_zpsros8crso.jpg Nick

 photo 026_zpse9i1h5al.jpg

Bone Island Variety

There is always something interesting happening in Key West. This month was highlighted by two very different examples of fun, yet different types of activities that we participated in. One was a wonderful new production by our friends at On the Rock Productions at the old Eaton Street (now Key West) Theater called the Bone Island Variety Show. The second yet another version of the FKCC Sprint Triathlon which Kathy had been busy training for again.

 photo 018_zpsr0htbj4f.jpg Laura

 photo 067_zpsks2soiuz.jpg

 photo 003_zpsyxaw7isx.jpg Landon

The Bone Island Variety show is the Key West version of the tonight show and I invited my friends Kali and Effie to attend because I thought they should meet as Kali is a fairly recent transplant to Key West and is looking to meet fun and interesting people and Effie certainly fits that bill.

 photo 007_zpsmpnkvisq.jpg

 photo 040_zpsrwk0d4v8.jpg Joe

 photo 096_zpswtgq1nqr.jpg Effie & Kali

The show was a variety show that featured an emcee, the funny and talented Landon Bradbury who served as host for a variety of local entertainment who would perform and then join Landon on a couch for a brief discussion a la the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

 photo 084_zpsaidexguk.jpg Nick Norman

 photo 077_zpstssxhrmj.jpg Q Mitch

Host Landon Bradbary, along with some of Key West’s favorite acts as well as some surprising newcomers, offered up sketches, comedy, great music, artist interviews, and a whole lot of fun. Performers included Nick Norman, MC Couscous, Joe Madaus, Laura Richardson, and QMitch.

 photo 009_zps64efodsw.jpg

It was a wildly funny and entertaining evening and all the acts were great. Laura and Nick provided great musical entertainment and Joe did a wickedly funny stand-up comedy act. Perhaps the most amusing act was Landon simply doing a hilarious reading of actual yelp reviews of well-known Key West restaurants. It was hysterical and the entire night was great. Hopefully it is just the start of a new series.

 photo 120_zpsfv1rvl65.jpg

 photo 093_zpss4unqkoj.jpg Kathy G.

 photo 062_zpsvtlyzleu.jpg 

 photo 014_zpslftiqjsg.jpg

 photo 016_zpskc0v3pdb.jpg

The second event was the biannual FKCC Sprint Triathlon which was held on the campus of the community college. Kathy has been busy training for some time to get ready for the race and she was ready to go before the sun rose on race day. I was there to support her and take photos for the event organizers. It was just about perfect weather and a great day for the race which featured a number of our friends.

 photo 038_zpswiulqycs.jpg

 photo 267_zpsdycdb0d6.jpg

 photo 236_zps5bzhasit.jpg Kathy

 photo 499_zpsqfqevzgb.jpg

 photo 459_zpshyopsipj.jpg Aaron

The race started with a 600 yard open water swim in the FKCC lagoon, followed by a 10 mile bike that began in the parking lot in front of the pool with bikers heading through the campus and exiting onto College Road and on to US1.  One lane of US1 was closed for the event.  Riders completed 3-loops around College Road and then headed back onto campus to the pool area to transition for the run.  The final stage was 5K run that followed the same route as the bike, except runners will run only one loop was completed before the finish.

 photo 447_zpsxrl48w0s.jpg

 photo 854_zpscd3x240l.jpg Kathy

 photo 798_zpspgm0b4c9.jpg

 photo 769_zps6nyir69d.jpg

 photo 031_zpsp63lwgqp.jpg

Kathy did great and won her age group, in fact a number of our friends were successful in the race. We were especially inspired by our friend George who at age 77 not only completed the race but managed a third place finish in his group. George and his wife Judy are both wonderful role models for Kathy & I. I must say though that anyone competing in the race is pretty inspiring. It was just a joy to not only watch Kathy but all those who competed. 

 photo 571_zpswkcbpbin.jpg George & Judy

 photo 715_zps42jb74pv.jpg Kelly & Beth

 photo 656_zpsvfopsich.jpg Howard

 photo 857_zpsfzxjmplc.jpg Kathy G. 

 photo 887_zpsopdcxpvd.jpg George & Judy

 photo 713_zpsyij2hlgl.jpg Kathy


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