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Monday, March 30, 2015

By the Rising of the Moon

March 18, 2015

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By the Rising of the Moon

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St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break, these rites of the spring party season are big deals on South Florida. Spring Break is the annual flood of college students who head to the south in search of sun, booze and some wild times to let off some steam before heading in to the home stretch of the school year. It has been many a moon since I myself was on spring break, but I have not developed in to one of those old curmudgeons who despises everything about it.

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It is just another part of living in a place that attracts spring breakers and while they can get somewhat annoying, they are hardly alone in that respect and at least they have the excuse of being young and foolish on their side, unlike many annoying vacationers who should probably know better.

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While I have managed to mostly avoid Spring Break in Key West, limiting going out, certainly downtown, I did find myself right in the midst of a Spring Break/St. Patrick’s Day party in Ft. Lauderdale where in a single evening I got my fill of both. I drove up to Miami/ Lauderdale to attend a John Mellencamp concert that just happened to fall on St’Patrick’s day right in the heart of the Lauderdale party zone.

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On the trip up, I took a detour to the Wynwood section of Miami where I checked out many of the amazing murals that cover most of the buildings in the area and to visit a brand new brewery, J. Wakefield Brewing which is right in the heart of the booming arts district. I loved the brewery which had an arty geek vibe with Star Wars imagery covering their walls and yummy beer from the brewery.

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Then it was on to the arts district of Lauderdale which was in prime Spring Break/ St. Paddy’s mode. They had the streets blocked off for a huge block party with literally thousands of green clad revelers that included both visiting Spring Breakers and a large contingent of local partiers as well to take in the fun. I happened to be wearing a Purdue basketball shirt and it soon became obvious that Purdue was among the schools that was on break as students kept commenting on my shirt and asking me if and when I attended. Back in the dark ages I would reply. Ha.

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Still it was a fun evening and I even drank some green beer, which was of course just dyed Bud Light which reminded me why I enjoy craft beer so much. I felt sorry for those poor college kids who could only afford to drink that swill. 

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