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Friday, March 20, 2015

Sprung Beer Fest

March 10, 2015

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Sprung Beer Fest

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Another weekend, another road trip to Miami, this time to attend the Sprung Beer Festival at Peacock Park in Coral Gables. The advent of social media has made it so much easier to find out about events happening in the region and when I read about Sprung, it did not take much convincing to get me to make the drive up to attend the festival.

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I enjoy beer festivals immensely, being a huge craft beer fan and after reading that had listed Sprung as a “must-do” springtime event, I was convinced. Unlike many beer fests across the state, this one was relatively easy to attend and I purchased VIP tickets to get early entry and a VIP section that featured free food and specialty beers that were not available to the general attendees. 

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The festival featured over 200 beers with many available for the first time in the Florida market, it also included almost all of the breweries in South Florida and many of the best of the ever growing state beer market. It was a fantastic line-up. The event also included live musical entertainment, a huge game area featuring a variety of beer-related games and more.

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The weather was mostly cooperative, it was bright and sunny for the first couple of hours before a light but steady rain-storm moved in, which made the VIP tent come in even more handy. Florida’s best breweries were pretty much all represented with booths from the likes of Cigar City, Funky Buddah and Wynwood Brewing all on hand.

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Many, many of Miami and South Florida’s exploding craft beer market were there as well including J. Wakefield Brewing, Miami Brewing companny, and M.I.A. brewing. There was even representation from the Florida Keys as the Islamorada Brewing Company was there with a huge presence.

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Many regional breweries were featured as well lead by Sweetwater out of Atlanta, Abita from New Orleans and Terrapin from Athens, Georgia. There was an amazingly good selection for the large crowd. Being held during the midst of Spring Break tended to trend the crowd in a younger demographic with Spring Breakers mingling with beer geeks at about an equal clip.

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The same people will also be hosting a fall version of the beer festival when Groovetoberfest is held in the same Peacock Park location, not sure if my schedule will allow a return visit, but if at all possible I will try and return.

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