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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Sunlight and the Shadows

February 24, 2015

 photo 023_zpsuklo5dhq.jpg Jackson Browne 

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The Sunlight and the Shadows

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This week marked the third time in the last month or so that I had the chance to go see a live concert by a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After seeing Billy Joel and Bob Seger, this time I was headed back to Miami to see a show by one of my favorite singer songwriters, Jackson Browne.

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Browne was playing on a Friday night at the wonderful Fillmore Miami Beach Theatre and as I was traveling up to Daytona, I was able to stop in South Beach and catch the show, and I am so glad that I did. Unlike the previous two shows, which were in large arenas, this one was in a much smaller and more intimate space and was part of a short mini-tour of just the state of Florida by Browne and his band.

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Unlike the others as well is the fact that Browne featured no opening act and played a set that spanned over three hours. The set was much heavier on both recent songs and deep cuts from his back catalog, rather than just a “greatest hits” show and was pretty cool for an old time fan such as myself. I have seen Browne about 4 or 5 times over the years and he is still as vibrant and interesting as ever. I really enjoy the easy crowd banter and storytelling that accompanies many of his songs.

Jackson Browne

The show was fantastic with a singular exception and that was the rude crowd which in addition to repeatedly yelling out loud requests, even after Browne suggested he was not going to play anything that was yelled out, also there were some in the crowd who yelled out negative responses to his political activist statements even such seemingly benign suggestions as to reduce the use of plastic to help clean the oceans. It was disheartening and embarrassing, do these people not know what they are in for when attending a Jackson Browne show. 

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Thankfully Browne was pretty good natured about it, but it marred a wonderful experience for many in the crowd. The show highlight was when Browne introduced legendary Cuban Nueva Trova singer Carlos Varela to share the stage on Varela’s song “Walls and Doors” which Browne has covered on his new CD. It was Varela’s first appearance on a US stage as was pretty cool.

 photo 031_zpsrzjh0tgk.jpg Carlos Varela

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The week got off to a great start with a wonderful presentation by noted author and artist Jonathan Santlofer at the Friends of the Library lecture series. Santlofer was a panelist at last year’s Key West Literary Seminar on crime writing and is back in Key West as an artist in residence at the Studios of Key West. His presentation was on both his popular art and his best-selling mystery books and was really interesting.

 photo 026_zpslraflb4x.jpg Jonathan Santlofer 

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The same evening, my favorite bar the Porch hosted a fun event that paired delicious craft beer with girl scout cookies for a tasty and fun combination of food and libation. Who doesn’t love a delightful girl scout cookie paired with a tasty and refreshing beer. It was a great idea and had a good turnout of people to enjoy the pairings.

 photo 019_zps6rqswj3r.jpg Eileen & Graf

 photo 012_zps2jw8rptc.jpg Landon

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After leaving South Beach, I headed north to Orlando, where I spent the day visiting Epcot Center at Disney World. Holding an annual pass for Disney, I enjoy visiting whenever I am in the vicinity of Orlando and Epcot is always my favorite place to spend a nice afternoon. It was a perfect day, overcast and not too hot with thankfully average sized crowds

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I had the good fortune to meet the famous Norwegian Cologne designed Geir Ness who was promoting his colognes in the Norway store. His fragrances are among my favorites, I especially like Laila, the ladies perfume which I often get for Kathy when I visit Epcot center. 

 photo 042_zps2zsjaovb.jpg Geir Ness

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