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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dan's 40th Birthday!

April 20, 2012
Happy 40th Dan!



In celebration of our friend and neighbor Dan’s 40th birthday, Kathy and I had the good fortune to be invited along with 40 or so of Dan’s friends on his birthday trolley ride extravaganza. Dan & his wife Ann live just across of Fogarty Street from our house and we share many of the same crazy and fun friends, so I knew that the birthday party, which would travel about town from bar to bar would most likely be crazy fun and it certainly lived up to those expectations and then some.


*Photo by Nick Doll

The starting point was held at our favorite bar, and certainly one of Dan’s favorite, The Porch. In fact, I think Dan swiped the idea and much of the itinerary from the Porch’s holiday party which was similarly mobile via trolley and had many of the same stops along the route. Hey if it is a good idea and a ton of fun, why mess with success?

Michael & Liz
 Kathy and I headed down to the Porch arriving just in time for the scheduled 8 PM departure time. The lucky forty or so guests joined Dan and Ann for a quick beer and a group photo on the steps of the Porch before loading aboard the trolley to head off in to the night. The mood was festive as we headed down Duval and then out of Old Town altogether towards our first stop at Shanna Key, the Irish Pub located just a few blocks from our house.

 Nick & Michael

We remained at Shanna Key long enough for a drink then re-boarded the trolley and took a short ride over to Dan and Ann’s house where they had prepared a huge amount of food and drinks including delicious shots for all. We hung out there long enough to fill up on food and for the traditional birthday cake.

Our next stop was at Don’s Place on Truman, where we continued the party and even found some additional friends hanging out, which made for a good time. Next, we headed back up in to New Town to the Conch Town bar, a place that neither Kathy nor I had been previously. Popular with the locally born Conchs, the bar was a fitting stop off for the birthday trolley tour. We mostly sat at the outdoor tables hanging out, having some more drinks and enjoying the delicious Wendy’s food that our friends Liz & Erin walked through the drive through to get.

*photo by Nick Doll

Nick, Keith & Dan

I think Conch Town may have been our longest stop, we were there for awhile before everyone piled back in to the trolley and we headed to our final official stop, the ‘gentleman’s club’, Bare Assets on Truman. Having forty at least slightly tipsy revelers suddenly showing up was a boon for the strip club I am sure and Dan seemed to take full advantage of the fact that it was his birthday. 

I am generally not a big fan of strip clubs, but I must admit it was sort of fun with such a large group of friends, the dancers seemed much less aggressive, perhaps there is safety in numbers and watching my crazy friends was certainly entertaining. Alas, all good things have to come to an end and before long the trolley was loading up for a trip back downtown to the Porch. It was a fun evening and a great way to celebrate a birthday. Thanks to Dan and Ann.

 Kathy & Tony


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