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Friday, July 29, 2011

Snipe Point

July 25, 2011


Photobucket Kathy & Michael

Photobucket Betsy, Holly, Nancy, Eric, Michael, Kathy, Rosie & Mark

Snipe Point

We returned to Key West and began to get settled in to our routine after being away for 10 days in Michigan and Chicago. The house and our menagerie of pets were in fantastic shape due to the wonderful efforts of our friend and house sitter Alison. It is great to know that we can go away and not have to worry about the house.

Photobucket Craig & Jack


It was nice to be home, I think it may have been the first time that we have ever flown to Key West to cool off. The temperature when we departed Chicago was hovering in the low triple digits and it has been relatively pleasant in the upper 80s with a nice ocean breeze here since our return.

Photobucket Kathy

Photobucket Rosie

The first few days after returning home involved settling back in to home and work, and of course posting a series of blog entries about our time away. Our humble blog reached a milestone this week when we passed 50,000 individual hits. I often wonder who the heck is reading this thing, but seemingly there is an audience. I know that we regularly get people commenting on things that they have read or seen here, but 50,000 is a huge number. I joked on facebook that either a lot of people are checking it out, or else my mother has entirely too much time on her hands. Anyway thanks to those who find it of interest, I know I mostly enjoy creating it and most definitely enjoy doing all the things that I write about.

Photobucket Betsy & Eric


That is certainly the case with this post as we were invited to join a group of friends for an outing on their recently acquired boat to the beautiful Snipe Point, a popular sand bar for local boaters to hang out on the Gulf side just northeast of Key West. A number of our friends recently formed something of a syndicate and got together and purchased a boat together, sharing in the use and responsibility of boat ownership.

Photobucket Nancy & Mark


Photobucket Jack

The boat is known as “The Honey Badger”, after the animal and the viral internet video that has given it so much attention of late. The boat is kept at the Key West Harbor Yacht Club on Stock Island and we met with our friends Nancy, Mark, Betsy, Eric, Rosie, Holly, Craig & Jack there for the short trip out to Snipe Point.

Photobucket Eric

Photobucket Michael

Typically the Snipe Key area is besieged with boat traffic and there can be literally hundreds of boats anchored up on weekend afternoons to the beautiful soft sand bar, so we were somewhat astounded to be the only boat there upon our arrival.

Photobucket Holly & Jack


The early bird does indeed gain the advantage. It was a perfect day, beautiful weather, great company and good food and drinks. With the tide receding the sad bar grew more and more exposed as we watched, creating a perfect beach environment that is one of the most special places in all of the Keys.

Photobucket Kathy on the Honey Badger



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