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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Folks Fest -Day 1

August 18, 2007

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketMary Gauthier

Folks Fest- Day 1

We awoke bright and early and made our way the short distance from our cabin at Shelley’s cottages in Lyons to the Planet Bluegrass facility. We had arranged a parking spot just across the street, so we didn’t have far to carry our pop-up sunshade. The grounds are in a beautiful location along the St. Vrain River and the event is so well organized that the area in front of the stage is divided into three areas, tarps only up close, and then high backed chairs and finally pop-ups shelters. The trick is to try and arrive early enough to get a prime location in the front row of the pop-up section. We scored a perfect spot on the far left of the front row, closest to the river and right on the path that lead to the front of the stage then headed over to the Barking Dog Café for a quick breakfast.

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It was a perfect start to 12 hours of music. It’s difficult to describe the amazing ambiance of the Folks Fest; it’s relaxing and enjoyable with delicious beer supplied by the New Belgium Brewing Company and tons of excellent food vendors. The river provides a cool respite from the heat and the beach area has been improved so that kids can play in the sand and still see and hear the stage.

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And the music is amazing. The folk music genre as it pertains to this particular festival is pretty inclusive, so there is a wide diversity of artists that range from traditional folk artists, to Americana, to country to rock and about everything in between. The first day line-up kicked off with a set from Vance Gilbert which was followed by what was for me anyway the high-light of the first day, Mary Gauthier.

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Gauthier songs about the cast-offs who inhabit the underbelly of America are at once mesmerizing and haunting and she performed a wicked set that thrilled the audience. At one point she was joined on-stage by Darrell Scott who played his own set after she finished. After Scott, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals played a set that was much more rock n roll than anything else. It was another great set and you could tell the way the band won over the audience that the band is going places. I was totally unfamiliar with them and they were my find of the day.
The Los Angeles based duo The Ditty Bops were next. They played a fanciful and fun set of their Western Swing influenced music which was well received by the enthusiastic crowd. They certainly have a unique sound and approach to playing that features intricate harmonies and wistful and socially conscious lyrics.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The Ditty Bops

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The headliner for Friday night was the amazing Gillian Welch. Playing with her masterful guitarist husband David Rawlings, Welch delivered a powerful set of Americana at its finest. Rawlings is an amazing guitarist and their performance was wonderful. While seemingly surprised to be in the headliner spot, they certainly proved they belonged. The crowd was ecstatic and the first day ended on a great high note.

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"...and tons of excellent food vendors." This spoken by the man who ate burritos from the same vendor for breakfast, lunch and dinner all three days. :-p
But he is right - the vendor food was excellent!


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