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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


January 8, 2010


Photobucket San Carlos Institute

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Photobucket Lynda & Frank

The new decade has gotten off to a busy, yet wonderful start. The ride that began in October has hit full stride and the New Year brings a continuation of the crazy schedule that just doesn’t seem to let up. Anyone who thinks everyone in Key West just lays about on the beach relaxing and drink Mai Tai’s has obviously never lived here. Of course that is not to say it is not enjoyable, it is wonderful, just not the slow paced island that so many imagine.

Photobucket Dane & Rye

New Year’s day included a couple of traditional Keys parties to celebrate the dawning of a new decade. Kathy was a little under the weather from the previous evening, so I headed solo up the Keys to the home of amazing long-time locals and friends Lynda & Frank who now reside part of the year in New Orleans, but return for their annual party on the first day of the year to welcome old friends to their home.
The party is great because I get to see so many people who have survived many, many years in the Keys, as most of the guests are old-timers, people I have known since I first arrived almost 20 years ago.

Photobucket Lynda & Harry


I next headed back into town to the home of our friends Pru & Larry, who also host a beautiful New Year’s day party at their home. Pru & I both serve on the board of the Friends of the Key West Library and she has become over the years one of my favorite Key West people. The party included many of our friends from the Library crowd and many others as well. Both parties included delicious food and from all the food consumed over the holidays, it is a wonder that I haven’t gained 100 lbs.

Photobucket EOTO at the Parrot


The next day, we had yet another party, this time a birthday party for our friend Martha, who threw a wonderful shindig, despite the shivering temperatures that have settled over Key West to begin the year. In the years that I have lived here, I have never experienced a more continuous and sustained cold stretch. Almost every record for cold temperatures has been broken including the most sustained days under 50 degrees. One day we were only 1 degree off the coldest temperature ever recorded in Key West of 42 degrees. That means we get to pull out all the warmest clothes we have. You can tell how long people have been here by the styles of their winter garb.


Photobucket Mad Dog & Marky

Photobucket Registration


Much of the remainder of the New Year has been spent getting prepared for the 28th annual Key West Literary Seminar. I joined the board last year, taking over the responsibility of coordinating the 50 or so volunteers who work the event. I have been busy organizing and the event finally arrived as registration and the Keynote address was held at the San Carlos Institute this week. It is a ton of work preparing, but I think that all is in order.

Photobucket Ian, Jolly & Arlo

Photobucket Alejandro & Leonel


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