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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Key West Cares

September 16, 2019

Billy Currinton

Coffee Butler 

Rob Benton

Robert Albury

Key West Cares

Key West is one of the most generous, giving and loving communities that I have ever encountered. So many worthwhile charities and organizations are supported by the tremendous generosity of the residents here. So when our sister city, Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos, Bahamas took a direct hot and was totally devastated by the recent Hurricane Dorian, it is small surprise that a group of concerned Key West citizens took it upon themselves to organize and assist in any way possible.

Larry Smith


Billy Currington

Tons and tons of relief supplies and a huge amount of cash have already been raised, though all that has barely scratched the surface of what is needed and the efforts are continuing. As is the Key West way as well, the best way to raise funds here is to throw a party, so the organization organized a pair of concerts on the same evening this past Saturday evening to raise funds and awareness of the Bahamas plight.

Billy Currington

Country Music star Billy Currington joined a group of Key West musicians at the Key West Theater for an amazing night of musical entertainment before heading over to Sunset Pier to headline a second concert the same evening. Currington has a house in the Bahamas and filmed a recent music video in Green Turtle so he has a direct connection to the islands that were impacted and was happy to raise funds to help out by performing at both shows.

Clayton Lopez 

Ben Harrison

I attended the show at the Key West Theater that opened with Currington playing a selection of his more than dozen number one country hits before giving the stage over to a local all-star cast of local musicians who were on hand to help the cause out. The local performers included a who’s who of local talent including, Joe Tripp, Rob Benton, Ben Harrison, Nick Norman, the Bubba System, Larry Baeder, Cliff Sawyer, Clayton Lopez, Larry Smith, Robert Albury, Mina Lopez-Martin and the legendary Coffee Butler.

Robert Albury 

Cliff Sawyer

The packed show was an easy sell-out and was really terrific fun. I was especially impressed by the talented Rob Benton with K-Rush and his son Sheldon. I was not familiar with any of them and they were remarkably good and entertaining a meld of country-rock and rap. I can not wait to get out and see these guys play around town again.

Rob Benton, K-Rush and Sheldon

The all-star jam that filled most of the evening was fun too and getting to see both Cliff Sawyer and Coffee Butler perform is always something special. As they are both advancing in years, seeing them perform is getting to be a rarer and rarer treat and they both still have it and were really excellent. Robert Albury is always a treat as well, his deep baritone voice always sounds good whether he is singing riding his bike around town or dominating the stage at the Key West Theater.


Larry Baeder

As amazing as the show was, the cause is even greater and the group Key West Cares had a good night. They have already delivered on their own over 20 tons of good and supplies to the storm ravaged Bahamas, using an old prop DC-3 plane that makes direct flights from Key West to deliver the much needed supplie. The funds raised by the concerts and the massive silent auction that was available during the show will help, but more help is needed and it is going to be a long, long recovery process. If you can help, check out the link below as supplies, money and volunteers are still needed and will be for the foreseeable future.

Craig Cates

Rob Benton

Nick Norman


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