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Monday, October 12, 2015

“Don’t Miss It, Don’t Even Be Late…”

August 24, 2015

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“Don’t Miss It, Don’t Even Be Late…”

The Indiana State Fair is one of my most favorite events that I try to attend as much as I possibly can when I am visiting Indiana during August. I have been to a few State Fairs, including Kentucky, Ohio and Florida and personally the Indiana State Fair far surpasses them all. There is so much to do that I had to make two separate visits during my recent visit to Indianapolis.

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I wanted to make sure to catch the fair both during the daytime hours and at night when the fair comes alive in a spectacle of color and excitement. It is an entirely different yet equally compelling vibe. Most of the animal barns shut down and the pavilions call it a day, but the midway becomes electric and the entertainment stages come alive with concerts.

 photo 059_zpsensq34iq.jpg Dan & Zintra

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This visit I was there both during the daylight hours, through the transition and well into the night as the fair underwent its nightly transformation. I wanted to be sure and capture some photos of both, but the photos still do not come close to capturing the atmosphere at all.

 photo 022_zpsf20lrgh8.jpg

 photo 089_zpswqct1sld.jpg

 photo 026_zpsbizttzxm.jpg

 photo 024_zpsxzmk16bc.jpg

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Many may think I am silly for being such a fan of such a somewhat corny and old-timey event, but for many of us who grew up in Indianapolis, the fair is a part of our shared history and even more than that as it represents the wacky state which we are from. I love it so much. The sights, smells, experiences and even the totally cheesy aspects of it are all important to me.

 photo 004_zpsudasfflm.jpg

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I am so pleased that I was able to visit this year, thanks to being invited to my friends, Jody and Deron’s wedding , it just worked our perfectly. The funny thing was that on both days that I attended the fair, I ran in to friends who were attending at the same time. After not living in Indianapolis for over twenty years, it is still fun to run into friends many who I had not seen since the eighties, yet what better place than to see them.

 photo 062_zpsgacuut0c.jpg Michael & Dan

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I hope that something will bring me back to Indiana every August so that I can attend the fair. It is a pretty wonderful and special experience. Hope you enjoy these photos and if you ever get the chance, make sure to visit yourself.

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