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Saturday, September 05, 2015

I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado…

August 14, 2015

 photo 573_zps1mozwajj.jpg

 photo 273_zpsiq6rh1ct.jpg Sufjan Stevens

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 photo 131_zpsy8ftfv7t.jpg Peter Yarrow

 photo 189_zps53tosvui.jpg Kasey Chambers

I Guess He’d Rather Be In Colorado…

One of our favorite music festivals to attend is the wonderful, magical, intimate and beautiful Rocky Mountain Folks Festival held each August in the community of Lyons, Colorado. The festival which we have attended off and on for the past dozen years or so was threatened in 2013 when a massive 500 year flood destroyed the property at Planet Bluegrass along with much of the town of Lyons. The tremendous hard work, financial support and dedication of friends of Planet Bluegrass had the property completely rebuilt and ready for the festival season the following year, but the same cannot be said of much of the Lyons community.

 photo 20131106__08DCFCOV-4_400_zpssnrgphh1.jpg 2013 Flood

 photo planetbluegrass_2013flood_004_creditsteverohrbach_opt_zps8km9w6wb.jpg

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 photo 074_zps0k3kvk6n.jpg Mary Gauthier

This is why I have attached a link to the efforts to rebuild this wonderful community below, having experienced the disaster of Hurricane Wilma (and Georges and Andrew), I can attest that the need does not go away after the news cycle passes and the attention fades. Please check out the site below and donate if you can.

 photo 053_zps4njigufm.jpg

 photo 052_zpsav8qzkh0.jpg Taarka

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 photo 011_zpsvhtdyxo1.jpg

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This was our first trip out since the flooding and we started our visit in Boulder, where we got to spend time with my nephew Patrick and explore the city a little before driving up to Estes Park to spend a wonderful evening with our friends Kerry and Matt. It was great seeing Patrick though it went by really fast. Pearl Street is also fun to check out and we made it to a couple of breweries in the neighborhood before heading off.

 photo 012_zpscdg7mcou.jpg Kathy and Patrick

 photo 003_zps7uog7stj.jpg

 photo 021_zpsxvcnjirk.jpg

 photo 026_zpsnoz27xzh.jpg

 photo 035_zpsyhqvxrmi.jpg Matt

 photo 028_zps90duzubv.jpg Kerry

Kerry has been one of my favorite people on earth since I meet her some 25 years ago, she moved from Key West some years ago and opened an amazing restaurant in Estes Park, The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern which has been a huge success since opening its doors. Kathy and I spent a wonderful evening at the home where she and Matt live which is on the restaurant property.

 photo 038_zpszyei5w4l.jpg

 photo 043_zps0halyogm.jpg Kathy and Kerry

They are the kind of people who just raise your spirits just by being around them and we spent a wonderful evening catching up. Kerry was going to be joining us for the entire festival, but sadly (for us) Matt was committed to some family who was visiting so he could not make it to Folks Fest.

 photo 178_zpsyg2cn5wc.jpg Shane Koyczan

 photo 110_zps8wslmerh.jpg Peter Yarrow

 photo 176_zpsjskwqned.jpg

 photo 071_zps7clb0sgr.jpg Mary Gauthier

The line-up for day one of the festival was incredible. The people at Planet Bluegrass seem to have outdone themselves in celebrating the 25th annual festival of music and arts with a line-up that featured local artists Taarka along with the wonderful Mary Gauthier, the incomparable Peter Yarrow from the iconic Peter, Paul and Mary, Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, Kasey Chambers and the amazing Sufjan Stevens on the main stage.

 photo 183_zpsc5vdtb68.jpg Michael & Peter Yarrow

 photo 268_zpsf4agcrkc.jpg Sufjan Stevens

 photo 095_zpsarswvhyq.jpg

 photo 186_zpsg0xgqkj2.jpg Kasey Chambers

 photo 206_zpsprynnx3m.jpg

They were all fantastic, memorable, wonderful, magical moments abounded from Peter Yarrow inviting children on stage to sing “Puff the Magic Dragon” to Shane Koyczan’s incredible spoken word poetry set to music to the wonderful singer songwriters Mary Gauthier and Kasey Chambers all topped off by a terrific set from the dynamic Sufjan Stevens, it was an incredible, wonderful day along the banks of the St. Vrain.

 photo 124_zpsnljwzh7j.jpg

 photo 150_zpswiuy0mmr.jpg

 photo 258_zpsmv4f8fab.jpg

 photo 090_zpsbghlds60.jpg

 photo 107_zpsyuqk2qu8.jpg

The place had been rebuilt actually better than before the flood and everyone was in such a festive mood to celebrate the 25th anniversary. It was as good a time as I have had at a musical event in ages, mostly because it is so much more than a music festival, more a communal gathering of some huge like-minded tribe that really does radiate with positivity. It is unlike anything else we do all year.

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