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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Call In Sick for Carb Day

May 23, 2015

 photo 142_zps4zillqhg.jpg 

 photo 216_zpsfdoazr6x.jpg Gerard, Evelyn, Kevin,Thor, Pat & Mark

 photo 148_zps49olh2gm.jpg Michael & Jax

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Call In Sick for Carb Day

The final practice day for the Indianapolis 500 has traditionally been known as Carb Day even though the cars participating have not had actual carburetors for decades. In fact calling the day a practice day is in itself a stretch as there is technically only an hour set aside for the cars to be on the track. In reality Carb Day represents so much more though, it has traditionally been a day for people to sneak away from work or school and spend a day at the speedway where all sorts of entertainment options abound.

 photo 298_zpshurdabxs.jpg Mark

 photo 259_zpsly9044vk.jpg Ryan Briscoe

 photo 252_zpsh5gnirvp.jpg

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This year a t-shirt appeared for sale at the track that proclaimed “I call in sick for carb day!” which is a pretty accurate assessment of the people who show up. For me the day has always been about spending time with good friends while taking in the variety of activities that go on at the track including the practice session, the pit-stop contest, the Indy Lights race, the Miller Lite tent party, the carb day concert and more. 

 photo 161_zps9tnx13zu.jpg Bobby Rahal

 photo 165_zpstwqgkmpt.jpg Bob from the Bob and Tom show

 photo 205_zpsuqx1kzpx.jpg

For many years, my buddy Pat has driven up from Evansville to meet us for carb day and once again this year he came up, this year though his brothers Gerard and Thor both joined us along with his sister Evelyn and our friends Mark and Kevin. It was the first time at our Carb day gathering for Thor and Evelyn and it was so nice to have so many members of their family and such good friends on hand to hang out.

 photo 158_zpsmpctqkjm.jpg Thor's entourage

 photo 211_zpszlasf7eo.jpg

 photo 241_zpsbza077cm.jpg Jason

 photo 200_zpsfco1wgpn.jpg

The weather could not have been more perfect, sunny and warm with a light breeze and we had the opportunity to take a walk through the garage area as well as watch the practice, the Indy Lights race and take in the Miller Lite Carb day party, which was moved this year to the North end of the track in turn 4 (along with the Carb Day concert stage). There was still the requisite free beer and Jug’s catering food which was nice.

 photo 214_zpsuyusdctk.jpg Gerard & Superfan

 photo 303_zpsor1rlauw.jpg Gerard, Evelyn & Thor

The Indy Lights race was dominated by Schmidt Petersen Motorsports as they grabbed the top four positions led by Brit Jack Harvey who brought home the victory leading teammates, Ethan Ringel, Scott Anderson and RC Enerson completed a sweep of the top four positions. It was a decent race, marred by a late yellow that had the finish under yellow.

 photo 208_zpsdl4zfk8f.jpg Thor

 photo 275_zpss69w5irx.jpg

 photo 267_zpshaaika9a.jpg

 photo 285_zpsu45yer28.jpg

The pit-stop competition was won yet again by the top notch crew of Helio Castoneves and his team Penske cohorts. They seem to have a virtual lock on the event and are in the running just about every year. It was a fun day, wondering around the speedway, I did run in to a couple of minor celebrity types, Indiana Pacer forward Luis Scola and one of the finalists for this year’s American Idol, Jax.

 photo 197_zpscrm68yfq.jpg Jax

 photo 153_zpsyqetub1r.jpg Luis Scola & Michael

 photo 227_zpsbwdsjtdq.jpg

 photo 171_zps6ienwbbp.jpg Colt's Pat McKafee

 photo 182_zps6wqvtrlt.jpg

But most of all, it was just a day to spend enjoying close almost lifelong friends who I do not get to see nearly enough. An annual tradition that is among my favorites in the month of May in Indianapolis.

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 photo 187_zpsdmiykk03.jpg Lindy

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