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Friday, June 26, 2015

Everybody's got a little light under the sun…

May 17, 2015

 photo 874_zpsmcpkx0du.jpg George Clinton 

 photo 052_zpsxd9w4i38.jpg Bobby Rahal

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 photo 060_zpshgtqzytd.jpg Sage Karam

 photo 854_zpsvdgbmu54.jpg Jenny, Michael & Debbie

Everybody's got a little light under the sun…

Busy Weekend as I had all sorts of stuff to do in Indianapolis that included attending qualifications for the Indy 500, going to an Indy Eleven soccer game, a beer festival in downtown Indianapolis, a George Clinton and Parliament and Funkadelic concert at the Vogue and even managing to sneak in a wonderful dinner with my dear friends Jenny and Debbie. It was an action packed fun and also slightly scary weekend.

 photo 002_zpsxrn2gggj.jpg Jason

 photo 050_zps6iifn3nj.jpg

The first day of qualifying the rain that had avoided the speedway all week came in and though there was an active morning practice session, the qualifying was a rain-out, so it gave me the opportunity to head out and attend the Sour + Wild + Funk beer festival that was being held at the City Market in downtown Indianapolis. The festival was sponsored by Upland Brewing and focused on the sour beer segment of the craft beer market. Breweries from around the Midwest were on hand to feature their sour beers and ales, fruit beers and other specialty beer releases. 

 photo 084_zpsgyqxczof.jpg

 photo 079_zpsy0az7ujl.jpg

 photo 098_zpseqgmvban.jpg

The festival featured a huge contingent of Indiana’s finest breweries including my favorite, Brugge Brewing which is owned by some good, good friends. It was so cool to be at a beer festival where they were among the featured brewers. I am not a huge fan of sour beers, but I was still able to try a number of beers that I found very appealing.

 photo 089_zpsjfg82wiz.jpg

 photo 124_zpsl2wvhets.jpg

 photo 100_zpspfr2tfwa.jpg

 photo 107_zpsidcfxtca.jpg

 photo 101_zpstlaxqp1e.jpg

After the beer fest, I headed over to Michael A. Carrol Stadium to catch an Indy Eleven soccer game against the Minnesota United FC. The stadium was packed with raucous fans many of whom stood and chanted and sang throughout the contest. It was my third Indy Eleven game since their inaugural season last year and they have all been great fun. The Eleven lost by a count of 3-1, but even that did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the Indy fans. It is cool to see such strong support for what is basically a new (to Indianapolis) sports team. 

 photo 105_zpsrkcwhubq.jpg

 photo 111_zpspxgpcphs.jpg

 photo 118_zpsdy8ifgxa.jpg

 photo 110_zps0vb57mog.jpg

Ed Carpenter crash

Sunday It was back to the track for what was in reality the first (and now only) day of qualifications. It was as strange a day as had been seen in ages at the Speedway as in the morning practice, Ed Carpenter became the third Chevy driver to crash violently and flip over. This prompted Indy Car officials to delay qualifying and order that all teams to qualify in race trim and that they would only get a single shot at qualifying. This slowed down the cars significantly and made for a much less exciting qualifying day.

 photo 047_zps7glt6wi0.jpg Graham Rahal

 photo 11168463_10153316939278914_8063619064702913834_n_zpsai6ff4ea.jpg Ed Carpenter

 photo 037_zpslftpbl6t.jpg J.R. Hildebrand

 photo 036_zpsbvbotgfu.jpg Jake Query

Eventually they got thirty-three cars qualified with Scott Dixon on the pole for the race and Penske drivers Will Power and Simon Pageneaud completing the first row. Poor former winner Buddy Lazier was the only driver to fail to qualify, as he just could not quite get up to speed in his shortened program for this year.

 photo 040_zpsirwg3zki.jpg Scott & Emma Dixon

 photo 012_zpsusqigk9o.jpg Michael & Marco Andretti

 photo 070_zpsagtha48k.jpg

 photo 062_zpsyclaf3yi.jpg James Jakes

 photo 008_zpswuu2mulm.jpg Buddy Lazier

 photo 11151073_887594017963459_4786975405387398882_n_zpsi98sljqy.jpg Kirsten & Hinch

The saddest moment of my time in Indy came when my favorite driver James Hinchcliffe crashed heavily in the post qualifying practice session. It was a vicious crash made worse by the fact that one of the suspension pieces pierced both his legs and into his hip causing life threatening injuries. Only the quick action of the Holmotro Safety Team and the ER doctors saved his life as they rushed him immediately to the ER at Methodist Hospital, on the way he was given 14 pints of blood to compensate for his massive blood loss. The average human only has 12 pints of blood in them at any one time. 

 photo 11232078_10153320479193914_7373225720812512028_n_zpsvrc7tl5f.png Hinch crash

It was a sketchy and scary moment, but the good news is that Hinch pulled through and is actually ahead of schedule on his recovery, he won’t be driving for a while, but considering the alternative, it is fairly miraculous.

 photo 11257995_889480201108174_278570849889591015_n_zpsnn8dwglr.jpg

Before the qualifying weekend, I had the good fortune and the good fun to go see the crazy good George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at the Vogue Theatre. George is getting older, but he still knows how to bring the funk and it was a blast listening to the band tear through such hits at Flashlight, Bring the Funk, Atomic Dog and more. 

 photo 887_zpsiulaux50.jpg George Clinton

 photo 891_zps70khdu4l.jpg

 photo 869_zpse0mg3fuf.jpg

The packed house at the Vogue was grooving and it was something of a throwback scene to those funky days of the seventies. People were dressed to the nines and grooving hard to the funky beat. It was such a fun time, I just loved it. I had seen them play a few years ago when George had his groovy colored hair, he was much more subtle this time as far as how he looked, but he rocked it out just as hard. 

 photo 871_zps6zkteyld.jpg

George Clinton


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