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Sunday, May 17, 2015

“We were out there havin' fun, in the warm California sun.”

April 20, 2015

“We were out there havin' fun,
 in the warm California sun.”

 photo 323_zpszhs0kfu6.jpg St. Vincent

 photo 266_zpsgfes0wit.jpg

 photo 335_zpsjp3ce5nr.jpg Florence and the Machine

 photo 283_zpserd5yvcs.jpg Ryan Adams

 photo 357_zps6r1enyed.jpg

The final day of the Coachella Arts and Music Festival is always sort of bittersweet, I always hate for the experience to end, yet at the same time by the end of it all, I am fairly exhausted and have had my fill. I tend to be more discriminating by day three, selecting bands that I really want to see and staying for their entire sets rather than the jumping around from stage to stage that I tend to do earlier in the festival.

 photo 199_zpspwr0envd.jpg Belle & Sebastian

 photo 152_zpsttdufvy9.jpg

 photo 353_zpsx54huyjy.jpg

 photo 022_zpsfpgnpjw3.jpg

 photo 164_zpscyno9yty.jpg

I had some excellent bands that I chose to watch that included Belle & Sebastian, Ryan Adams, Father John Misty, St.Vincent, Florence and the Machine and Fitz and the Tantrums. Drake was the headliner, but I only watched a few minutes of his set before calling it a weekend.

 photo 278_zpsv7urvok5.jpg Ryan Adams

 photo 021_zpszcvykqw3.jpg

 photo 303_zpsvxv6ookd.jpg

 photo 294_zpsqzrvmter.jpg

The Scottish band Belle & Sebastian was fairly popular back in the 90s and were always critical darlings, but they suffered a few member changes and sort of disappeared during much of the 2000s, but seem to be intent on making a comeback and started last year by touring heavily and appearing at various festivals. Their Coachella set was great, the smallish crowd was really in to the band and many were rewarded when the band invited anyone who wanted up on stage during their encore.

 photo 320_zps7famay6n.jpg St. Vincent

 photo 270_zpseyfq98kr.jpg

 photo 317_zpsn4uectsr.jpg

One of my favorite performances of the weekend was Ryan Adams, who somehow I had never seen live before. Adams is a gifted and prolific singer/songwriter and he put on a great set that covered all aspects of his phenomenal career, closing with a magnetic performance of “Oh, My Sweet Carolina”.

 photo 273_zpsv6cltsmb.jpg

 photo 269_zpsjrcthawa.jpg

 photo 154_zpsfxwidrag.jpg

 photo 337_zpsjs4iepao.jpg Florence and the Machine

 photo 309_zpshyakmcnf.jpg

 photo 221_zps8nf2ts4t.jpg

The sunset on the final evening of Coachella was pretty spectacular as well, and once the darkness had set in, sets from the likes of Father John Misty, Florence and the Machine and Fitz and the Tantrums lit up the festival. It was a nice evening as all of these bands delivered solid sets. St. Vincent also played and her set was just electric. I am not a huge fan of her music, but her eclectic live performance may have been the most unique and interesting of the weekend.

 photo 205_zpsmbk1x0da.jpg

 photo 160_zps1z3oixqc.jpg 

 photo 220_zpsqqnujhkk.jpg Father John Misty

 photo 267_zpskdqoxssz.jpg

 photo 273 2_zpsettilxr3.jpg

It was another enjoyable festival, I had a good time with George, Jalak and Lee and while I missed having Kathy there, I am glad to have had the opportunity to attend. Leaving Palm Springs, which is so beautiful is always difficult, but thankfully I had a couple of additional days in California.

 photo 359_zpsyxhwgzl0.jpg Fitz & The Tantrums

 photo 348_zpsys6afxmx.jpg


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