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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Off to See the Wizard

February 25, 2013

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Off to See the Wizard

Entertainment options run the gamut in Key West and we like to take in just about all manner of the available options which is why one night you might find Kathy & I at a burlesque show, the next night you mind find us taking in a performance at the high school auditorium. That is exactly what happened recently when we followed up the burlesque variety show with a viewing of the latest Keys’ Kids presentation, “The Wizard of Oz’.

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The production held at Key West High, was another in the annual series of productions featuring local kids of all ages performing classic theatre. This show featured a huge cast (actually two casts as there are always two complete casts performing on alternating evenings), of kids ranging from the very small to high school age.

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Most of the younger kids played adorable munchkins, leaving all of the main roles to more experienced older kids. The mix can be at times unpredictable and you often get a mixed bag, but the effort is always good and we always enjoy the shows. Seeing the really young kids is performing is always fun simply because they are so imperfect and watching them earnestly making mistakes is fun.

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This particular performance was not only among the most popular, judging by the packed house, but it was also one of the best Keys Kids productions that we have seen. The acting and singing was good across the board, a rarity in many kid’s plays and the entire production was well done and professional. The sound and lights, music, sets, costumes, choreography and performances were all top notch.

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The classic story of the adventures of Dorothy in the land of Oz followed the original story fairly well, the play even reintroduced the “Jitterbug” number that was famously dropped from the 1939 film version. Kathy & I really did not have too many friends with kids that were in the cast that we saw, but we thought they were fantastic and we are looking forward to see the nest production, another classic tale, Snow White.

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The Kids play wasn’t the only entertainment option in Key West this month, as once again famed Country Music superstar Kenny Chesney choose to play a “surprise” free show at a small intimate bar in town. This week he chose the outside stage at the Hog’s Breath Saloon. It marks the second time in the last few years he has played there and it is also the second time this spring that he played a free show in Key West. The last time was a show at Margaritaville that was a poorly kept “secret” if the line of hundreds down the street for that show was any indication.

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It is pretty cool that he does this and his fans and fortunate bystanders both can enjoy a free, very intimate show, where he plays his hits as well as a cool selection of covers. I am not a huge Chesney fan, but I do admire that he does this sort of thing and it is always cool to see any artist of his stature playing before a couple of hundred people rather than the multiple thousands at their big stadium shows.

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