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Thursday, July 26, 2018


July 15, 2018


It is always great to get back to the place you grew up, after having lived in Key West for twenty-seven years, both Kathy and I relish any opportunity to get back to the places we respectively come from. This time it was a trip back to Massachusetts where Kathy grew up, in the South Shore town of Marshfield. Her father still lives in the beautiful family home where she grew up.

Jim and Kathy

Much of Kathy’s extended family and even more friends still live in the vicinity and the purpose for this trip up from Key West was to attend a family reunion that was to be held over the weekend at Camp Denison in Georgetown. In the meantime, we had time to hang out in Marshfield and enjoy the beautiful New England summer.

Kathy’s father lives right on the expansive Marsh in the nearshore area known as the Sea Rivers Club because of its location along the Marsh that is cut through by the North and South Rivers just south of where the Rivers converge and pour into the Atlantic. In addition to the incredible marshlands, the South River cuts through the property and just across the river is a private stretch of beach for residents that is beautiful as well.


Kathy’s father Jim, is a man of the water and for as long as I have known him and beyond he has had any number of boats. His property is littered with all manner of watercraft, he is an avid sailor and is constantly at work tinkering with one boat or another.  We knew that visiting him usually involves some boating or water related activity and this visit was no exception.

For our first trip, Jim took us out in his Boston Whaler for a trip up the North and South Rivers. We put in at the marina in Humarock and headed North up the South River, past the Spit and the mouths of the North and South River, where they merge and empty into the sea and up the beautiful North River on our excursion. The tide was at a near record low, so at times it felt like we were cutting through a carved out river through the muddy banks of the marshes that surround the river.


It was a beautiful day for the trip and we headed North eventually ending up docking at the popular Roht’s Marine for an early evening meal and to meet up with Kathy’s cousin Mark and his wife Robin. Roht’s is a popular hot spot in the area as the bar and restaurant attracts both landlubbers and those arriving by boat as well. Kathy and I had been there the previous evening with her friend Pam to watch a popular local band, the Aldous Collins Band.

Robin and Mark

This time we were just hanging out enjoying a beer and some snacks before heading back just as the sun was setting, which provided some beautiful views on the return trip. It was a wonderful, calm and relaxing ride along the beautiful rivers that are so much a part of the landscape of the community.


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