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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Party

December 22, 2016

Chris, Michael, Keith and Livi

Carol, Tom, Lucy and Kathy

Erin and Michel

Christmas Party

Jean and Michael

It took the better part of a week to get the house and yard ready for the big party, which we had scheduled once again to coincide with Mark and Nancy’s annual Christmas lights bicycle ride. For many years our party was held on Christmas Eve and we joined the bike ride, which is always a ton of fun. After the Christmas Eve party got to be too much to handle, we took a hiatus for a few years until last year when we were asked to become an official stop on the ride.


Garth, Greta and Katie

Scott and Wendy

It seemed to us a perfect opportunity to give people a close up look at the Christmas display that Kathy worked so hard on and to also have a bunch of our good friends over to celebrate the holiday season and Kathy’s birthday. So our party was scheduled on the Sunday evening prior to Christmas to be able to be a stop on the bike ride.

Michael and Carol

Alison, Diane and Sherry

Unlike last year, we had invited a whole host of friends who were not on the bike ride to the party and they began arriving in ­­abundance early and the party was off and running. We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful, eclectic and diverse community and the guests at our party reminded us just how fortunate we are.

Jeremy and Laura

From long-time good friends to people literally walking by on the street that we invited in, all were welcome and we had an amazing array of wonderful people on hand to share in the food and libations. I am never sure of the exact number who came by over the course of the night, but I’d guess the number somewhere north of two hundred.

Michael and Jeremy

Matt and Tony

Mark, Nancy and David

The massive amount of holiday lights and decorations just added to the festive air and we even had a bubble machine going that sent out thousands of bubbles over the entrance to our yard and in to the street where the many Conch Trains and Trolleys passed by as well.

Robert and Lucy

It was a fun, fun night and it reached its raucous peak when Mark and Nan’s bike tour rolled in around 8:30 and an additional 60-70 people flooded onto the property. The bike ride was populated by a large number of our friends, many decked out in their Christmas finery and they all rushed in to grab a quick beverage or bite to eat.

Kate and Effie

It was quite an experience to see them all rush in, stay for a bit then head off again, though a number of the riders decided to stay for an extended time, either completing their ride at our place or playing catch up and meeting up with the ride on the next stop.

The only bad thing about the party is that it always ends too soon and I never feel like we never feel like we get the chance to spend as much time with each guest as we would like. People seem to enjoy it and that is what counts for us during the holiday season. Giving a little back to the people who make our life so enjoyable on this island we call home is the least we can do.

*Special Thanks to Virginia Wark for many of these photos!

Erin and Ryan


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