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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Literary Seminar –Take 2

January 19, 2009

PhotobucketMarilynne Robinson

PhotobucketElizabeth Gaffney & John Burnham Schwartz

Photobucket Anchee Min

Literary Seminar –Take 2

Photobucket William Kennedy & Russell Banks

The second weekend session of the Key West Literary Seminar was very different from the first, especially for me as I switched from working behind the scenes as a volunteer to becoming an attendee along with Kathy. Seeing the activities from the perspective that I have come to know over the past 15 years of attendance.

Photobucket Arlo & Samantha Hunt

Photobucket Madison Smartt Bell

Photobucket Russell Banks

This week featured an impressive array of writers including Barry Unsworth, John Burnham Schwartz, Calvin Baker, David Nasaw, William Kennedy, Andrea Barrett, Elizabeth Gaffney, Samantha Hunt, Alan Cheuse, Marilynne Robinson, Thomas Mallon, Madison Smart Bell, Valerie Martin, Francisco Goldman, Russell Banks, Joyce Carol Oates, Chantal Acevedo, Rachel Kushner & Anchee Min.

Photobucket Joyce Carol Oates

The sessions seemed to me to be more interesting and somewhat better than those from the first session. The discussions were more lively and the participants more engaged than the first session. Of course there was still the full complement of parties, dinners and receptions to enjoy.

Photobucket Barry Unsworth & Rachel Kushner

Photobucket Ashley, Kathy & Arlo

Photobucket Lyn Kaufelt

There was also a better vibe in the crowd as many in the crowd were writers themselves who had been participating in the midweek workshops between sessions. The mix just created a better atmosphere that seemed to infect the panelists. In fact the panelist even seemed to enjoy more local friendly pastimes than usual as many of them ventured out to enjoy the Key West night life. We hung out with a large group of writers at the Green Parrot where they enjoyed the musical styling’s of the Spam Allstars.

Photobucket Francisco Goldman, Rachel Kushner, John Burnham Schwartz & Calvin Baker at the Green Parrot

Photobucket Barry Unsworth

Photobucket Andrea Barrett

Photobucket Thomas Mallon & Russell Banks

Photobucket Joyce Carol Oates

Photobucket Rick & Janet

Once again, I have too many photos for a single posting so I will be posting two blogs about the second session.

Photobucket Chantal Acevedo & Francisco Goldman


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